CAcert documentation
cacert-infradocs.gitSphinx based infrastructure documentation Infrastructure Admins5 weeks
CAcert infrastructure tools
cacert-git-hooks.gitCAcert git hook scripts Infrastructure Admins3 weeks
cacert-icinga2-conf_d.gitIcinga2 configuration for CAcert infrastructure monitoring Infrastructure Admins3 weeks
cacert-puppet.gitPuppet configuration for CAcert infrastructure Infrastructure Admins6 days
cacert-rccrtauth.gitPatch for RoundCube to enable certificate logins Infrastructure Admins8 weeks
gitweb-redirector.gitRedirector from gitweb URLs to cgit URLs Infrastructure Admins8 weeks
CAcert tools
cacert-community-website.gitCAcert community website Infrastructure Admins6 weeks
cacert-css.gitCAcert CSS definitions based on fomantic-ui Infrastructure Admins6 weeks