cacert-birdshack.gitA redevelopment of the CAcert webdb in Java Currently unmaintained7 weeks
cacert-boardvoting.gitCAcert Board Voting Tool Jan Dittberner7 weeks
cacert-codedocs.gitSphinx based code documentation CAcert documentation6 weeks
cacert-community-website.gitCAcert community website Infrastructure Admins5 weeks
cacert-css.gitCAcert CSS definitions based on fomantic-ui Infrastructure Admins5 weeks
cacert-devel.gitCAcert's authoritative development repository Software Assessors7 weeks
cacert-funding.gitUsed for updating funding statistics in the pastCurrently unmaintained7 weeks
cacert-git-hooks.gitCAcert git hook scripts Infrastructure Admins2 weeks
cacert-icinga2-conf_d.gitIcinga2 configuration for CAcert infrastructure monitoring Infrastructure Admins2 weeks
cacert-infradocs.gitSphinx based infrastructure documentation Infrastructure Admins4 weeks
cacert-mgr.gitTest management system, interacts with the CAcert test server to reproduce certa...Software Assessors7 weeks
cacert-puppet.gitPuppet configuration for CAcert infrastructure Infrastructure Admins3 days
cacert-rccrtauth.gitPatch for RoundCube to enable certificate logins Infrastructure Admins7 weeks
cacert-selfservice-api.gitCAcert community self service tool API Backend API for the cacert-selfservice f...Jan Dittberner5 weeks
cacert-selfservice.gitCAcert community self service tool Jan Dittberner5 weeks
cacert-votebot.gitCAcert IRC vote bot Jan Dittberner7 weeks
cacert.gitImport of the official CAcert tarballs Software Assessors7 weeks
gitweb-redirector.gitRedirector from gitweb URLs to cgit URLs Infrastructure Admins7 weeks