AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-09-15Test for commit mailsHEADmasterMario Lipinski
2010-09-15Test of commit hooksMario Lipinski
2010-09-15add empty test fileMarkus Warg
2010-09-15test commit hookMario Lipinski
2010-09-09written ... notes onlyIang
2010-09-09skeleton design of BirdShack Business Logic serverIang
2010-09-09mostly, my Mac is creating .swp files everywhere ... hope this worksIang
2010-09-09some util classes stolen from webfundsIang
2010-09-09little script to compile & test ... more testing git atmIang
2010-08-23test commitMario Lipinski
2010-08-23remove dummy fileMarkus Warg
2010-08-23Merge ssh:// Warg
2010-08-23add dummy fileMarkus Warg
2009-05-14getting started with the controllerMario Lipinski
2009-05-13messing a roundMario Lipinski
2009-04-28Ignoring classes.Mario Lipinski
2009-04-28folder for bin filesMario Lipinski
2009-04-28configMario Lipinski
2009-04-28testing around with servletsMario Lipinski
2009-04-28build and ignore withinMario Lipinski
2009-04-28ignore some ant stuffMario Lipinski
2009-04-28first servlet stuffMario Lipinski
2009-04-27Test for Error Recovery added to BSCPPhilipp Dunkel
2009-04-27Added structure for the web frontend subprojectAlejandro Mery Pellegrini
2009-04-27BSCP Looking GoodPhilipp Dunkel
2009-04-26Added structure for python bindingsAlejandro Mery Pellegrini
2009-04-24CRC Packet ChecksPhilipp Dunkel
2009-04-24Reworking IOPhilipp Dunkel
2009-04-24REqork IOPhilipp Dunkel
2009-04-24Basic Comm Interface Stuff (pipes)Philipp Dunkel
2009-04-24Basic Comm Interface Stuff (pipes)Philipp Dunkel
2009-04-24Initial Source StuffPhilipp Dunkel
2009-04-24Repository SetupPhilipp Dunkel
2009-04-24open things for discussionMario Lipinski
2009-04-24renames CAcert to BirdShack working nameMario Lipinski
2009-04-24removed binary filesMario Lipinski
2009-04-24ignoring eclipse project stuffMario Lipinski
2009-04-24git-svn-id: d4452222-2f33-11de-9270...Mario Lipinski