AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-22Use loggo for logging0.1.0Jan Dittberner
2017-04-22Run goose migration on application startupJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Add goose database migrationsJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Remove PHP codeJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Use INSERT OR REPLACE to allow changing votesJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Refactor notifications to use a cleaner interfaceJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Implement direct votingJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Implement proxy votingJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Implement reminder jobJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Implement decision closing jobJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Implement vote closing, refactor notificationsJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Implement withdraw motionJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Implement motion editingJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Implement motion creation mail templateJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Add version and build number outputJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Partialy add new motion creationJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Hide own votes link if no voter is authenticatedJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Switch to context APIJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Implement proper model, actions and template structureJan Dittberner
2017-04-22Implement more RESTful URLs for motionsJan Dittberner
2017-04-15Initial Go code for reimplementationJan Dittberner
2017-04-15Rewrap database.sql for better readabilityJan Dittberner
2017-04-15Add code from real production environmentrealityJan Dittberner
2010-08-23remove dummy fileMarkus Warg
2010-08-23Merge ssh:// Warg
2010-08-23add dummy fileMarkus Warg
2009-08-02Restrict ability to withdraw motions to the proponent only.Mark Lipscombe
2009-08-02Remove ability to modify motions.Mark Lipscombe
2009-08-02Fix small typo, withdraw vs. withdrawlMark Lipscombe
2009-07-13subject line of certificate not quite
2009-07-12fix Email address certificate
2009-07-12closing votes now controlled by crontab (user www-data) to close daily on
2009-07-03rounding to end of UTC date for due datetime as reuqested by
2009-06-18remove post commit update
2009-06-12fix schema
2009-06-12format voter/votes with : suggested by
2009-06-12add reminder query + fix UTF-8 on
2009-06-12add reminder
2009-06-12voting options and new motion links for board members
2009-06-12character set
2009-06-12deployed to use board email
2009-05-30voting types now all implemented. majority and quorum removed from
2009-05-30add 28 day due option. authenticate proponent properly. prepare for static
2009-05-30deadlocks don't
2009-05-29cosmetic fix around "Due"
2009-05-29cosmetic fix around "Proposed"
2009-05-29add show outstanding votes option for board