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2017-04-22Remove PHP codeJan Dittberner
2017-04-15Add code from real production environmentrealityJan Dittberner
2009-08-02Restrict ability to withdraw motions to the proponent only.Mark Lipscombe
2009-07-13subject line of certificate not quite
2009-07-12fix Email address certificate
2009-07-03rounding to end of UTC date for due datetime as reuqested by
2009-06-18remove post commit update
2009-06-12add reminder query + fix UTF-8 on
2009-06-12add reminder
2009-06-12character set
2009-06-12deployed to use board email
2009-05-30voting types now all implemented. majority and quorum removed from
2009-05-30deadlocks don't
2009-05-29add show outstanding votes option for board
2009-05-29add email threading
2009-05-29centralise authentication + more certificate
2009-05-27add empty SQL structure. Add links to single
2009-05-26add showvotes functionality and remove notification when people
2009-05-26consolidate mail functions. typo in mail message fix. div by zero fix if no
2009-05-21put return address on
2009-05-21Voting ToolPhilipp Dunkel