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Start documenting CommModule
- add a file meant to collect general observations - add a file meant to collect information related to the database schema - add a glossary file - add documentation for the CommModule files in source/directories.rst - start signer protocol specification in source/signer.rst - add support for block and sequence diagrams via sphinxcontrib-blockdiag and sphinxcontrib-seqdiag
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+General observations
+The code is licensed under the terms of the GPL version 2 upgrading to GPL 3
+would require consent from all former contributors. Copyright years of files
+have not been consistently incremented/updated on changes.
+The code base is a mix of Perl, Shell and PHP code. Most of the code is
+implemented in PHP.
+Code structure
+Comments and inline documentation
+The code base is not documented in a good way, there are neither class nor
+method or function comments. Comments are just used for the license header
+in most of the files. \ No newline at end of file