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2022-07-12Add typing_extensions dependencyHEADmasterJan Dittberner
2022-07-12Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'Jan Dittberner
2022-07-12Merge pull request #14 from bdmc/masterJan Dittberner
2022-07-12Format with isort and blackJan Dittberner
2022-07-12Update dependenciesJan Dittberner
2021-09-08Added editing of Apache site file.bdmc
2021-09-08Corrected issue with comment formatting.bdmc
2021-09-08Added explanation.bdmc
2021-09-08Updated for Debian 7.bdmc
2021-09-08How to Build a Developer machine for CAcertbdmc
2021-09-06Created How-To page for DevTest environment.bdmc
2020-12-29Update link for cacertgit directiveJan Dittberner
2020-12-29Add section for keygen replacementJan Dittberner
2020-12-29Describe ideas for signer, testing and web appJan Dittberner
2020-12-29Add glossary entries, detail logging ideasJan Dittberner
2020-12-29More detailed documentation of future ideasJan Dittberner
2020-12-29Add notes to session variablesJan Dittberner
2020-12-29Document review findingsJan Dittberner
2020-12-29Update architecture diagramJan Dittberner
2020-12-29Update dependencies and bump copyright yearJan Dittberner
2020-12-29Add diagrams for signer and software stackJan Dittberner
2020-05-28Update dependenciesJan Dittberner
2020-04-16Update dependenciesJan Dittberner
2018-12-16added database-description( imported from WIKI; added some globalKarl-Heinz Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2018-12-08Merge branch 'master' into GuKKDevelKarl-Heinz Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2018-12-08adding content for .htaccess; important because of includeKarl-Heinz Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2018-12-03insert global variables and constantsKarl-Heinz Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2018-11-30added global variables into doctreeKarl-Heinz Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2018-11-29workload of the dayKarl-Heinz Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2018-11-27completed Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2018-11-14Merge pull request #1 from GuKKDevel/GuKKDevelJan Dittberner
2018-11-13adding help-files; identifying functions (first part)Karl-Heinz Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2018-11-12part of includes/ and indexKarl-Heinz Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2018-11-11Merge pull request #1 from CAcertOrg/masterKarl-Heinz Gödderz
2018-11-10Split directories.rst into per directory filesJan Dittberner
2018-11-09Support whitespace in filenamesJan Dittberner
2018-11-09Use new directives and link relationsJan Dittberner
2018-11-09Merge branch 'GuKKDevel'Jan Dittberner
2018-11-09Add extension for source file cross referencingJan Dittberner
2018-11-08bug 1443; addig all files of cacert-devel-directory to sourceKarl-Heinz Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2018-11-08Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/GuKKDevel' into GuKKDevelKarl-Heinz Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2018-11-07Bug-1443; first part of implementing complete directoryKarl-Heinz Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2018-11-04Bug-1443: first attempt adding uses and used by; discussion wantedKarl-Heinz Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2018-10-31Fix broken footnote referencesJan Dittberner
2018-10-31Fix inaccuracy in signer protocol specificationJan Dittberner
2018-10-29Add more documentation for the CommModule filesJan Dittberner
2018-10-29Add license and github instructionsJan Dittberner
2018-10-29Fix byte enumeration in response header tablesJan Dittberner
2018-10-28Describe the missing parts of the signer protocolJan Dittberner
2018-10-28Finish documentation of signer request formatsJan Dittberner