BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bug-1430Merge branch 'release' into bug-1430Bernhard Fröhlich2 years
bug-1459Wytzes emergency changeBernhard Fröhlich2 years
bug-775Merge branch 'bug-775' of ssh://git-dev.cacert/var/cache/git/cacert-devel int...Bernhard Fröhlich22 months
integrationWorking combination of and serial.conf. Hopefully.root23 months
releaseMerge branch 'bug-1459' into release (Emergency bugfix)Bernhard Fröhlich2 years
test-1430Documented branch in feed.rssBernhard Fröhlich2 years
test-1442Avoid php errors...Bernhard Froehlich8 days
test-1459Typo in rss...Bernhard Fröhlich2 years
test2-1260Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/bug-1305' into test2-1260Bernhard Fröhlich2 years
testserver-signerUndocumented changes on testserver.Bernhard Fröhlich3 years
2011-09-06cacert-devel-2011-09-06.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-09-06.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer10 years
2011-08-01cacert-devel-2011-08-01.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-08-01.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer10 years
2011-07-28cacert-devel-2011-07-28.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-07-28.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer10 years
2011-07-21cacert-devel-2011-07-21.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-07-21.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer10 years
2011-06-15cacert-devel-2011-06-15.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-06-15.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer10 years
2011-06-08cacert-devel-2011-06-08.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-06-08.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer10 years
2011-04-06cacert-devel-2011-04-06.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-04-06.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer10 years
2011-03-16cacert-devel-2011-03-16.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-03-16.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer10 years
2010-11-23cacert-devel-2010-11-23.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2010-11-23.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-07-02bug 1176: Fix yet another stupid piece of legacy code begging to cause troublebug-1176Benny Baumann
2013-06-26bug 1176: Set to empty string rather than unset to avoid warning on undefined...Benny Baumann
2013-06-26bug 1176: Check for the profile being set prior to checking it to be an array.Benny Baumann
2013-06-26bug 1176: Fix some syntax errorsBenny Baumann
2013-06-26bug 1176: Kill user session when profile array missing or not properly initia...Benny Baumann
2013-06-25bug 1176: Fix Syntax issue of last patchBenny Baumann
2013-06-25bug 1176: Avoid unsetting the CSRF Hashes from the session when doing cert loginBenny Baumann
2013-06-25bug 1176: Ensure that the notary table to show was given before determining w...Benny Baumann
2013-06-25bug 1176: User ID not always initialized properlyBenny Baumann
2013-06-20bug 1176: Fix deprecation of split function in general.phpBenny Baumann