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<p><?=_("Once you have verified your company you will see these menu options. They allow you to issue as many certificates as you like without proving individual email accounts as you like, further more you are able to get your company details on the certificate.")?></p>
<h4><?=_("CAcert Web of Trust")?></h4>
<p><?=_("The Web of Trust system CAcert uses is similar to that many involved with GPG/PGP use, they hold face to face meetings to verify each others photo identities match their GPG/PGP key information. CAcert differs however in that we have modified things to work within the PKI framework, for you to gain trust in the system you must first locate someone already trusted. The trust person depending how many people they've trusted or meet before will determine how many points they can issue to you (the number of points they can issue is listed in the locate assurer section). Once you've met up you can show your ID and you will need to fill out a CAP form which the person assuring your details must retain for verification reasons.")?></p>
-<p><b><?=sprintf(_("Informations about TTP-assisted-assurance program please read %s"),"<a href='//'></a>","<a href='//'></a>")?></b></p>
+<p><b><?=sprintf(_("For informations about the TTP-assisted-assurance program please read %s"),"<a href='//'></a>","<a href='//'></a>")?></b></p>