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Corrected Root Certificate Fingerprint message to new values.
Corrected CAcert's Mailing Address. Commented out message about GPG signed version of root keys.
2 files changed, 20 insertions, 12 deletions
diff --git a/pages/index/16.php b/pages/index/16.php
index ba3b4ed..117f68c 100644
--- a/pages/index/16.php
+++ b/pages/index/16.php
@@ -21,26 +21,26 @@
Class 1 <?=_("PKI Key")?><br>
<a href="index.php?id=17"><?=_("Click here if you want to import the root certificate into Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x/6.x")?></a><br>
-<a href="certs/root.crt"><?=_("Root Certificate (PEM Format)")?></a><br>
-<a href="certs/root.der"><?=_("Root Certificate (DER Format)")?></a><br>
-<a href="certs/root.txt"><?=_("Root Certificate (Text Format)")?></a><br>
+<a href="certs/root_X0F.crt"><?=_("Root Certificate (PEM Format)")?></a><br>
+<a href="certs/root_X0F.der"><?=_("Root Certificate (DER Format)")?></a><br>
+<a href="certs/root_X0F.txt"><?=_("Root Certificate (Text Format)")?></a><br>
<a href="<?=$_SERVER['HTTPS']?"https":"http"?>://">CRL</a><br>
-<?=_("Fingerprint")?> SHA1: 13:5C:EC:36:F4:9C:B8:E9:3B:1A:B2:70:CD:80:88:46:76:CE:8F:33<br/>
-<?=_("Fingerprint")?> MD5: A6:1B:37:5E:39:0D:9C:36:54:EE:BD:20:31:46:1F:6B<br/>
+<?=_("Fingerprint")?> SHA1: DDFC DA54 1E75 77AD DCA8 7E88 27A9 8A50 6032 52A5<br/>
+<?=_("Fingerprint")?> SHA256: 07ED BD82 4A49 88CF EF42 15DA 20D4 8C2B 41D7 1529 D7C9 00F5 7092 6F27 7CC2 30C5<br/>
Class 3 <?=_("PKI Key")?><br>
-<a href="certs/class3.crt"><?=_("Intermediate Certificate (PEM Format)")?></a><br/>
-<a href="certs/class3.der"><?=_("Intermediate Certificate (DER Format)")?></a><br/>
-<a href="certs/class3.txt"><?=_("Intermediate Certificate (Text Format)")?></a><br/>
+<a href="certs/class3_X0E.crt"><?=_("Intermediate Certificate (PEM Format)")?></a><br/>
+<a href="certs/class3_X0E.der"><?=_("Intermediate Certificate (DER Format)")?></a><br/>
+<a href="certs/class3_X0E.txt"><?=_("Intermediate Certificate (Text Format)")?></a><br/>
<a href="<?=$_SERVER['HTTPS']?"https":"http"?>://">CRL</a><br/>
<?php /*
class3 subroot fingerprint updated: 2011-05-23 class3 Re-sign project
*/ ?>
-<?=_("Fingerprint")?> SHA1: AD:7C:3F:64:FC:44:39:FE:F4:E9:0B:E8:F4:7C:6C:FA:8A:AD:FD:CE<br/>
-<?=_("Fingerprint")?> MD5: F7:25:12:82:4E:67:B5:D0:8D:92:B7:7C:0B:86:7A:42<br/>
+<?=_("Fingerprint")?> SHA1: A7C4 8FBE 6B02 6DBD 0EC1 B465 B88D D813 EE1D EFA0<br/>
+<?=_("Fingerprint")?> SHA256: F687 3D70 D675 96C2 ACBA 3440 1E69 738B 5270 1DD6 AB06 B497 49BC 5515 0936 D544<br/>
@@ -48,6 +48,13 @@ Class 3 <?=_("PKI Key")?><br>
<a href="certs/cacert.asc"><?=_("CAcert's GPG Key")?></a><br>
+<?php if ( false ) { ?>
+Since we don't seem to have a way to GPG sign our current key, we have, at least temporarily, removed this.
<?=_("PKI finger/thumb print signed by the CAcert GPG Key")?><br>
@@ -67,6 +74,7 @@ Mch2LMZhK4h/SBIft5ROzVU=
+<?php } ?>
Hash: SHA1
diff --git a/www/ttp.php b/www/ttp.php
index 6385127..fd9889e 100644
--- a/www/ttp.php
+++ b/www/ttp.php
@@ -56,12 +56,12 @@
if($_SESSION['_config']['language'] == "ja")
- $this->Cell(0,0,'CAcert Inc. - P.O. Box 4107 - Denistone East NSW 2112 - Australia -',0,0,'C');
+ $this->Cell(0,0,'CAcert Inc. - Hangar 10 Airfield Avenue - Murwillumbah NSW 2484 - Australia -',0,0,'C');
if($_SESSION['_config']['language'] == "ja")
- $this->Cell(0,0, recode($_SESSION['_config']['recode'], _("CAcert's Root Certificate fingerprints")).": A6:1B:37:5E:39:0D:9C:36:54:EE:BD:20:31:46:1F:6B "._("and")." 135C EC36 F49C B8E9 3B1A B270 CD80 8846 76CE 8F33",0,0,'C');
+ $this->Cell(0,0, recode($_SESSION['_config']['recode'], _("CAcert's Root Certificate fingerprints")).": SHA1=DDFC DA54 1E75 77AD DCA8 7E88 27A9 8A50 6032 52A5 "._("and")." SHA256=07ED BD82 4A49 88CF EF42 15DA 20D4 8C2B 41D7 1529 D7C9 00F5 7092 6F27 7CC2 30C5",0,0,'C');
function Body($name = "", $dob = "", $email = "", $date = "")