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<h4 id="s0.1"> 0.1 Terms </h4>
- "CAcert"
+ <dt>"CAcert"</dt><dd>
means CAcert Inc.,
a non-profit Association of Members incorporated in
New South Wales, Australia.
Note that Association Members are distinct from
- the Members defined here.
- </li><li>
- "Member"
+ the Members defined here.</dd>
+ <dt>"Member"</dt><dd>
means you, a registered participant within CAcert's Community,
with an account on the website and the
facility to request certificates.
Members may be individuals ("natural persons")
- or organisations ("legal persons").
- </li><li>
- "Organisation"
+ or organisations ("legal persons").</dd>
+ <dt>"Organisation"</dt><dd>
is defined under the Organisation Assurance programme,
and generally includes corporations and other entities
- that become Members and become Assured.
- </li><li>
- "Community"
+ that become Members and become Assured.</dd>
+ <dt>"Community"</dt><dd>
means all of the Members
that are registered by this agreement
and other parties by other agreements,
- all being under CAcert's Arbitration.
- </li><li>
- "Non-Related Person" ("NRP"),
+ all being under CAcert's Arbitration.</dd>
+ <dt>"Non-Related Person" ("NRP")</dt><dd>
being someone who is not a
Member, is not part of the Community,
and has not registered their agreement.
Such people are offered the NRP-DaL
- another agreement allowing the USE of certificates.
- </li><li>
- "Non-Related Persons - Disclaimer and Licence" ("NRP-DaL"),
+ another agreement allowing the USE of certificates.</dd>
+ <dt>"Non-Related Persons - Disclaimer and Licence" ("NRP-DaL")</dt><dd>
another agreement that is offered to persons outside the
- Community.
- </li><li>
- "Arbitration"
+ Community.</dd>
+ <dt>"Arbitration"</dt><dd>
is the Community's forum for
- resolving disputes, or jurisdiction.
- </li><li>
- "Dispute Resolution Policy" ("DRP" =&gt; COD7)
+ resolving disputes, or jurisdiction.</dd>
+ <dt>"Dispute Resolution Policy" ("DRP" =&gt; COD7)</dt><dd>
is the policy and
- rules for resolving disputes.
- </li><li>
- "USE"
+ rules for resolving disputes.</dd>
+ <dt>"USE"</dt><dd>
means the act by your software
to conduct its tasks, incorporating
- the certificates according to software procedures.
- </li><li>
- "RELY"
+ the certificates according to software procedures.</dd>
+ <dt>"RELY"</dt><dd>
means your human act in taking on a
risk and liability on the basis of the claim(s)
- bound within a certificate.
- </li><li>
+ bound within a certificate.</dd>
+ <dt>"OFFER"</dt><dd>
means the your act
of making available your certificate to another person.
Generally, you install and configure your software
to act as your agent and facilite this and other tasks.
- OFFER does not imply suggestion of reliance.
- </li><li>
- "Issue"
+ OFFER does not imply suggestion of reliance.</dd>
+ <dt>"Issue"</dt><dd>
means creation of a certificate by CAcert.
To create a certificate,
CAcert affixes a digital signature from the root
onto a public key and other information.
This act would generally bind a statement or claim,
- such as your name, to your key.
- </li><li>
- "Root"
+ such as your name, to your key.</dd>
+ <dt>"Root"</dt><dd>
means CAcert's top level key,
used for signing certificates for Members.
- In this document, the term includes any subroots.
- </li><li>
- "CAcert Official Document" ("COD" =&gt; COD3)
+ In this document, the term includes any subroots.</dd>
+ <dt>"CAcert Official Document" ("COD" =&gt; COD3)</dt><dd>
in a standard format for describing the details of
operation and governance essential to a certificate authority.
Changes are managed and controlled.
CODs define more technical terms.
- See 4.2 for listing of relevant CODs.
- </li><li>
- "Certification Practice Statement" ("CPS" =&gt; COD6)
+ See 4.2 for listing of relevant CODs.</dd>
+ <dt>"Certification Practice Statement" ("CPS" =&gt; COD6)</dt><dd>
is the document that controls details
- about operational matters within CAcert.
+ about operational matters within CAcert.</dd>
<h3 id="s1"> 1. Agreement and Licence </h3>