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-CAcert Assurer Training Event Sdney
-Much has happened during the past 3 years. The old way of
-orally-transmitted procedures has now gone, and our rules have been cast
-into formal policies. New procedures (e.g. the Assurer Challenge) and
-obligations (e.g. in the CAcert Community Agreement) have been approved.
-The Assurer Training Events bring all this to you, the Community:
-- How does the CCA protect you and every CAcert Community Member?
-- Can you recall the 5 parts of the Assurance Statement?
-- Can you tick off the security features of the Australian passport?
-- What do you when something goes drastically wrong?
-Answers to these and many other questions are given at the Assurer
-Training Events (ATEs).
-ATE-Sydney takes place on:
-- Wednesday, March 24th from 6:00pm till 9:30pm
-- Sydney University School of IT, Building J12
- Ground Floor Lecture Room, room 123.
-- directions: []
-The Event-Team is looking forward to hearing from you. Participation in
-ATEs is free, contributions are however appreciated.
-Registration for ATE-Sydney: please reply 'I will attend: Sydney'
-web: []