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<p><b><?=_("PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large amounts of support questions, incorrectly directed emails may be over looked, this is a volunteer effort and directing general questions to the right place will help everyone, including yourself as you will get a reply quicker.")?></b></p>
<p><b><?=_("If you are contacting us about advertising, please use the form at the bottom of the website, the first contact form is not the correct place.")?></b></p>
<p><?=sprintf(_("If you are having trouble with your username or password, please visit our %swiki page%s for more information"), "<a href='' target='_new'>", "</a>");?></p>
-<p><?=_("Before contacting us, be sure to read the information on our official and unofficial HowTo and FAQ pages.")?> - <a href=""><?=_("Go here for more details.")?></a></p>
+<p><?=_("Before contacting us, be sure to read the information on our official and unofficial HowTo and FAQ pages.")?> - <a href="//"><?=_("Go here for more details.")?></a></p>
<p><?=_("General questions about CAcert should be sent to the general support list, please send all emails in ENGLISH only, this list has many more volunteers then those directly involved with the running of the website, everyone on the mailing list understands english, even if this isn't their native language this will increase your chance at a competent reply. While it's best if you sign up to the mailing list to get replied to, you don't have to, but please make sure you note this in your email, otherwise it might seem like you didn't get a reply to your question.")?></p>
<p><a href=""><?=_("Click here to go to the Support List")?></a></p>
<p><?=_("You can alternatively use the form below, however joining the list is the prefered option to support your queries")?></p>