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-Dear CAcert Assurer,
-If you are attending the LISA'2010 conference in San Jose, CA, or if you live in the area, please consider attending the BoF (Birds of a Feather) sessions on Tuesday evening, 11/09/2010. I will be leading two seperate hour long BoF sessions. Both will be held in the Blossom Hill room of the San Jose Convention Center. The first is a GPG key signing event at 8:00pm. The second is a CAcert BoF, where we hope to educate and enroll some new assurers.
-I presented these same two BoF sessions at the LISA'09 conference in Baltimore. In order to bring any new assurers up to the 100 point level, we will need a few other assurers to help them earn their first trust points. I will also encourage them to them assurer each other on paper. They can then go on-line after the event and once they complete the Assurer Challenge, they start earning experience points.
-I can't pull off a successful CAcert event without a few other assurers. I am qualified to give out 35 points. I have one other assurer who has already contacted me and he is good for up to 15 points (and looking to earn more experience points himself). There were a few assurers who showed up to help last year, but I did not know in advance who was coming. If you can help, please reply to this e-mail letting me know you can attend and how many points you are qualified to assign.
-For more details on the events, please visit the following web pages or contact Ken. I don't really need help with the GPG key signing BoF, but you are certainly welcome to join us.
-I have updated the Event entry on the CAcert Wiki. The listing is found at:
-Feel free to add your own information if you can attend, or I can add your information if you like.
-Ken Schumacher
-My own CAcert Assurance web page at []
-CAcert Bof Session, Tues Nov 9, 2010 9:00pm till 10:00pm
-Blossom Hill Room at the San Jose Marriott Hotel
-Free Admission to BoFs, no badge or ticket required