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-Dear Member of the CAcert Community,
-We have a possibility to run an Assurer Training Event in New York in the period June 20th to 26. One of our co-auditor-presenters is in Washington DC for the ATE on the 18th, and is willing to make the trip.
- - Can you help? Can you attend?
-If you are interested in attending, please reply to this email with "I want to attend an ATE in New York, I prefer XXXXX dates."
-*If you can help then please contact us*. We need some combination of these things:
- * on-ground contact person
- * venue good for everyone to get to, about 3 hours access
- * accomodation
-To read more about our popular tour of ATEs:
- *
- *
-- Best regards from the Event Team!
-PS: Contact: