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-CAcert Assurer Training Event London
-Much has happened during the past year. A list of up till now
-mostly "orally transmitted" rules have been cast in policies.
-New procedures (e.g. the Assurer Challenge) and obligations
-(e.g. in the CAcert Community Agreement) have been decided. The
-Assurer Training Events try to bring all this informations to "the
-- To what, does the CCA protect every CAcert-Community-Member and as such also you?
-- Can you recount the 5 statements of the "Purpose of Assurance"?
-- Can you at least recount 10 security marks of your own passport/Identity card?
-Answers to these and following questions are given at the Assurer Training Events (ATE's).
-The following events are planned:
-- London - Thursday, May 12 []
-- Duesseldorf - Tuesday, May 12 []
-- Muenchen - Saturday, May 16 []
-- Stuttgart - Tuesday, May 26 []
-- Frankfurt - Thursday, May 28 []
-The date for Berlin have not yet been fixed.
-Participation in the events is free, Contributions are however appreciated.
-The ATE-London []
-takes place on:
-- Tuesday, May 12 from 5:30pm till 7:30pm
-- at the Red Lion's []
- Bank
- 8 Lombard Court, EC3V 9BJ
-The Event-Team is already excited about your participation.
-Registration: please reply 'I will attend: London'