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+During the last years many changes took place inside CAcert. Many "oral"
+rules have been put into Policies. New procedures (e.g. Assurer Challenge)
+and obligations (e.g. CAcert Community Agreement) have been put into live.
+The Assurer Training Events (ATE) try to spread this information:
+- What is missing on the "old" CAP forms?
+- Why should I remember R/L/O?
+- What can you do if an Assuree shows an ID document unknown to you?
+These and more questions will be answered during the Assurer Training
+Events (ATEs)
+Furthermore, the ATE trains how to do assurances and audits assurances, to
+measure the quality of assurances in the daily routine. Here are some
+possible errors and pitfalls which need to be found. Assurers have the
+opportunity to see those errors and how to avoid them.
+As IanG said: The ATE or Assurer Training Event is exceptionally
+recommended for all Assurers and includes parts which contribute directly
+to our audit. Come and find out how you can also contribute.
+The next event held in your area will be:
+- Saturday 11th August 2012
+- 10:00-13:00
+- Splat Space - Durham's Hackerspace
+ 331 W. Main St - Basement
+ Durham, NC
+Details to the location and time can be found:
+Wiki []
+Blog []
+User reply for registration: 'I will attend the ATE-Raleigh'
+The event team is looking forward for your attendance: