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@@ -324,7 +324,7 @@ for each class of certificate.
It has been improved and reviewed (or will be reviewed)
to meet or exceed the criteria of the
<cite>Certificate Authority Review Checklist</cite>
- from <i>David E. Ross</i> ("DRC")
+ from <em>David E. Ross</em> ("DRC")
and Mozilla Foundation's CA policy.
@@ -388,7 +388,7 @@ CAcert Community Agreement</a>.
The CA is technically operated by the Community,
under the direction of the Board of CAcert Incorporated.
(The Members of the Community are not to be confused
-with the <i>Association Members</i>, which latter are
+with the <em>Association Members</em>, which latter are
not referred to anywhere in this CPS.)
@@ -759,7 +759,7 @@ and will be submitted to vendors via the (Top-level) Root.
<th colspan="1" class="c">&nbsp;</th>
- <td><i>Class of Root</i></td>
+ <td><em>Class of Root</em></td>
@@ -1646,7 +1646,7 @@ can get different levels of certificates.
See <a href="#p1.4.5">&sect;1.4.5</a>.
See Table 3.2.b.
When Members have 50 or more points, they
-become <i>Assured Members</i> and may then request
+become <em>Assured Members</em> and may then request
certificates that state their Assured Name(s).
@@ -1919,7 +1919,7 @@ In principle, at least two controls are placed on each address.
<strong><a id="ping">Email-Ping</a>.</strong>
Email addresses are verified by means of an
-<i><a id="pingtest">Email-Ping test</a></i>:
+<em><a id="pingtest">Email-Ping test</a></em>:
@@ -1958,7 +1958,7 @@ following checks:
<ol> <li>
An Email-ping test
- is done on an email address chosen from <i>whois</i>
+ is done on an email address chosen from <em>whois</em>
or interpolated from the domain name.
</li> <li>
The system generates a cookie
@@ -2754,11 +2754,11 @@ Refer to Security Policy 4.3 (<a href="
<a id="p5.2.2"></a><h4>5.2.2. Number of persons required per task</h4>
-CAcert operates to the principles of <i>four eyes</i> and <i>dual control</i>.
+CAcert operates to the principles of <em>four eyes</em> and <em>dual control</em>.
All important roles require a minimum of two persons.
The people may be tasked to operate
-with an additional person observing (<i>four eyes</i>),
-or with two persons controlling (<i>dual control</i>).
+with an additional person observing (<em>four eyes</em>),
+or with two persons controlling (<em>dual control</em>).
<a id="p5.2.3"></a><h4>5.2.3. Identification and authentication for each role</h4>
@@ -2778,7 +2778,7 @@ Refer to Security Policy 9.1 (<a href="
Roles strive in general for separation of duties, either along the lines of
-<i>four eyes principle</i> or <i>dual control</i>.
+<em>four eyes principle</em> or <em>dual control</em>.
<a id="p5.3"></a><h3>5.3. Personnel controls</h3>
@@ -3109,7 +3109,7 @@ This is effected by means of the 'template' system.
SubRoot keys are stored on a single machine which acts
-as a Cryptographic Module, or <i>signing server</i>.
+as a Cryptographic Module, or <em>signing server</em>.
It operates a single daemon for signing only.
The signing server has these security features: