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- <title>Usage of integration branch</title>
+ <title>Test-1430</title>
- This is the <b>integration branch</b>. If it is not, please change this message in pages/index/feed.rss
- The integration branch is used as the base branch for the testserver. Ideally it should differ
- from the release branch only in the explicit changes for the testserver (other icon and styles).
- For a test campaign you should create a new branch (something like "testserver-&lt;campaign name&gt;")
- and merge in the bug-branches which are to be tested in the campaign. After the campaign is
- finished the testserver should be reverted to the integration branch.
- If a patch is handed off to critical to be installed on the production system, the patch is
- usually also merged into the release branch (so it continues to mirror the production system).
- Then the patch should also be merged into the integration branch for the same reason.
+ This is the branch to test bug-1430. Mail address checking on signup should be enabled,
+ so you'll have to use real mail addresses.