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along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
*/ ?>
-<p><?=_("Firstly you will need to run the following command, preferably in secured directory no one else can access, however protecting your private keys is beyond the scope of this document.")?></p>
-<p># openssl req -nodes -new -keyout private.key -out server.csr</p>
-<p><?=_("Then the system will try to generate some very random numbers to get a secure key.")?></p>
-<p><?=_("Generating a 1024 bit RSA private key")?><br>
- ...++++++<br>
- ....++++++<br>
-<?=_("writing new private key to 'private.key'")?></p>
-<p><?=_("You will then be asked to enter information about your company into the certificate. Below is a valid example:")?></p>
-<p><?=_("Country Name (2 letter code) [AU]:")?>AU<br>
- <?=_("State or Province Name (full name) [NSW]:")?>NSW<br>
- <?=_("Locality Name (eg, city) [Sydney]:")?>Sydney<br>
- <?=_("Organization Name (eg, company) [XYZ Corp]:")?>CAcert Inc.<br>
- <?=_("Organizational Unit Name (eg, section) [Server Administration]:.")?><br>
- <?=_("Common Name (eg, YOUR name) []:")?><br>
- <?=_("Email Address")?> []</p>
-<p><?=_("Finally you will be asked information about 'extra' attribute, you simply hit enter to both these questions.")?></p>
-<p><?=_("Next step is that you submit the contents of server.csr to the CAcert website, it should look *EXACTLY* like the following example otherwise the server may reject your request because it appears to be invalid.")?></p>
- iQKBgQDQd1+ut4TJLWZf5A9r3D17Kob+CNwz/jfCOYrH0P6q1uw4jfSyrWUeSaVc<br>
- 59Xjpov8gRctlAuWM9KavkLSF6vcNdDEbvUYnL/+ixdmVE9tlXuSFEGz0GAF5faf<br>
- QZe30wk+2hnC6P+rwclypOhkTXtWgvSHPZg9Cos8xqDyv589QwIDAQABoAAwDQYJ<br>
- KoZIhvcNAQEEBQADgYEAJruzBZr4inqaeidn1m2q47lXZUWjgsrp3k3bFJ/HCb3S<br>
- 2SgVqHFrOisItrr7H0Dw2EcPhIrRokRdjIAwwlxG9v21eFaksZUiaP5Yrmf89Njk<br>
- HV+MZXxbC71NIKrnZsDhHibZslICh/XjdPP7zfKMlHuaaz1oVAmu9BlsS6ZXkVA=<br>
-<p><?=_("Once you've submitted it the system will process your request and send an email back to you containing your server certificate.")?></p>
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