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@@ -50,10 +50,10 @@
'12' => _('December')
- $fname = $row['fname'];
- $mname = $row['mname'];
- $lname = $row['lname'];
- $suffix = $row['suffix'];
+ $fname = sanitizeHTML($row['fname']);
+ $mname = sanitizeHTML($row['mname']);
+ $lname = sanitizeHTML($row['lname']);
+ $suffix = sanitizeHTML($row['suffix']);
$dob = $row['dob'];
$dob_date = explode('-', $dob, 3);
@@ -77,8 +77,8 @@
AssureBoxLine("certify",sprintf(_("I certify that %s %s %s %s has appeared in person."), $fname, $mname, $lname, $suffix),array_key_exists('certify',$_POST) && $_POST['certify'] == 1);
AssureBoxLine("CCAAgreed",sprintf(_("I verify that %s %s %s %s has accepted the CAcert Community Agreement."), $fname, $mname, $lname, $suffix),array_key_exists('CCAAgreed',$_POST) && $_POST['CCAAgreed'] == 1);
- AssureInboxLine("location",_("Location"),array_key_exists('location',$_SESSION['_config'])?$_SESSION['_config']['location']:"","");
- AssureInboxLine("date",_("Date"),array_key_exists('date',$_SESSION['_config'])?$_SESSION['_config']['date']:date("Y-m-d"),"<br/>"._("The date when the assurance took place. Please adjust the date if you assured the person on a different day (YYYY-MM-DD)."));
+ AssureInboxLine("location",_("Location"),array_key_exists('location',$_SESSION['_config'])?sanitizeHTML($_SESSION['_config']['location']):"","");
+ AssureInboxLine("date",_("Date"),array_key_exists('date',$_SESSION['_config'])?sanitizeHTML($_SESSION['_config']['date']):date("Y-m-d"),"<br/>"._("The date when the assurance took place. Please adjust the date if you assured the person on a different day (YYYY-MM-DD)."));
AssureTextLine("",_("Only tick the next box if the Assurance was face to face."));
AssureBoxLine("assertion",_("I believe that the assertion of identity I am making is correct, complete and verifiable. I have seen original documentation attesting to this identity. I accept that the CAcert Arbitrator may call upon me to provide evidence in any dispute, and I may be held responsible."),array_key_exists('assertion',$_POST) && $_POST['assertion'] == 1);
AssureBoxLine("rules",_("I have read and understood the CAcert Community Agreement (CCA), Assurance Policy and the Assurance Handbook. I am making this Assurance subject to and in compliance with the CCA, Assurance policy and handbook."),array_key_exists('rules',$_POST) && $_POST['rules'] == 1);