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@@ -55,7 +55,5 @@
AssureBoxLine("rules",_("I have read and understood the Assurance Policy and the Assurance Handbook and am making this Assurance subject to and in compliance with the policy and handbook."),array_key_exists('rules',$_POST) && $_POST['rules'] == 1);
AssureTextLine(_("Policy"),"<a href=\"/policy/AssurancePolicy.html\" target=\"_blank\">"._("Assurance Policy")."</a> - <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">"._("Assurance Handbook")."</a>");
AssureInboxLine("points",_("Points"),"","<br />(Max. ".maxpoints().")");
-// AssureCCABoxLine("CCAAgreed",sprintf(_("Check this box only if %s agreed to the <a href=\"/policy/CAcertCommunityAgreement.html\">CAcert Community Agreement</a>"),$fname));
-// AssureCCABoxLine("CCAAgree",_("Check this box only if YOU agree to the <a href=\"/policy/CAcertCommunityAgreement.html\">CAcert Community Agreement</a>"));
AssureFoot($id,_("I confirm this Assurance"));