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+CAcert Assurer Training Event -- Washington DC / Chantilly
+Dear Member of the CAcert Community,
+Much has happened during recent years. The old way of orally-transmitted
+procedures has now gone, and our rules have been cast into formal
+policies. New procedures (e.g. the Assurer Challenge) and obligations
+(e.g. in the CAcert Community Agreement) have been approved.
+The Assurer Training Events bring all this to you, the Assurer, and the
+- What do you have to add onto the CAP form if you assure minors ?
+- What are the 2 essential CCA points you have to present an Assuree ?
+- Who can access the Member's privacy information?
+Answers to these and many other questions typically faced by Assurers
+are given at the Assurer Training Events (ATEs). Bring your ID for
+assurances. Especially note that Tverify/Thawte people need to boost up
+their Assurance Points.
+ATE-WDC takes place at:
+* Saturday, June 18th, 2011
+* Eggspectations Restaurant, Westone Plaza, Chantilly VA.
+* 12:00 - 16:30
+For Registration please reply: 'I will attend ATE-Washington'
+Don't forget your ID!
+We are looking forward to hearing from you.
+- Best regards from the Event Team!
+PS: Contact:
+Location, Transportation and other event details at