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-Dear Member of the CAcert Community,
-Just a quick final reminder that we will hold an ATE - Assurer Training Event - in Chantilly, VA this coming Saturday, 12:00.
-It's a lunch time event in a private room, so come hungry to the Eggspectations Restaurant in Westone Plaza.
-Assurers and prospective Assurers are the intended audience. We also invite those who just want the chance to get assured. (Note that old Tverify / Thawte points are gone, and if you haven't done our fabulously entertaining *Assurer Challenge* you are not an Assurer anymore.)
-Bring your ID documents and some CAP forms!
-- Best regards from the Event Team!
-ATE-WDC takes place at:
-* Saturday, June 18th, 2011
-* Eggspectations Restaurant, Westone Plaza, Chantilly VA.
-* 12:00 - 16:30
-* more: []
-For Registration please reply: 'I will attend ATE-Washington'