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+During the last years many changes took place inside CAcert. Many "oral" rules have been put into Policies. New procedures (e.g. Assurer Challenge) and obligations (e.g. CAcert Community Agreement) have been put into live. The Assurer Training Events (ATE) try to spread this information:
+- What is missing on the "old" CAP forms?
+- Why should I remember R/L/O?
+- What can you do if an Assuree shows an ID document unknown to you?
+These and more questions will be answered during the Assurer Training Events (ATEs)
+Furthermore, the ATE trains how to do assurances and audits assurances, to measure the quality of assurances in the daily routine. Here are some possible errors and pitfalls which need to be found. Assurers have the opportunity to see those errors and how to avoid them.
+As IanG said: The ATE or Assurer Training Event is exceptionally recommended for all Assurers and includes parts which contribute directly to our audit. Come and find out how you can also contribute.
+The next event held in your area will be:
+- Saturday 28th July 2012
+- starting around 05:00 pm
+- Urban Camp
+ Brens Drive
+ Parkville
+ Victoria 3052
+Details to the location and time can be found:
+Wiki []
+Blog []
+User reply for registration: 'I will attend the ATE-Melbourne'
+The event team is looking forward for your attendance: