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+I'm a Fedora developer and sysadmin (and a CAcert Assurer), and am going to be attending the Fedora Users and Developers Conference which will be held at the University of Kansas, located in Lawrence, KS, from January 18–20, 2013.
+We have a GPG/PGP keysigning party planned, and I'm interested in getting some people together to offer CAcert assurances. This is especially important since CAcert will be removing all points formerly obtained by Thawte Point Transfer very soon.
+The CAcert Assurance Event will be held on Saturday, January 19, 2013, beginning at 15:30.
+The GPG Keysigning Event will begin at 16:30.
+If you are interested in either event, please sign up at:
+ for the keysigning event
+ for the CAcert assurance event.
+Please contact me at either or if you have any questions.
+Further infos:
+ * []
+ * CAcert organizing wiki page
+ * []
+ * has more information about FUDCon.