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+CAcert Assurer Training Event Goteborg
+Much has happened during the past year. A list of up till now mostly
+"orally transmitted" rules have been cast in policies. New procedures
+(e.g. the Assurer Challenge) and obligations (e.g. in the CAcert
+Community Agreement) have been decided. The Assurer Training Events
+try to bring all this informations to "the people":
+- To what, does the CCA protect every CAcert-Community-Member and as
+ such also you?
+- Can you recount the 5 statements of the "Purpose of Assurance"?
+- Can you at least recount 10 security marks of the Swedish passport
+ /Identity card?
+Answers to these and following questions are given at the Assurer
+Training Events (ATE’s).
+Participation in the events is free, Contributions are however
+The ATE-Goteborg takes place on:
+- Wednesday, Dec 16th from 20:00 till 22:00
+- at
+- []
+- Massans gata 24
+- 402 26 Goteborg, Sweden
+The Event-Team is already excited about your participation.
+Registration ATE-Goteborg
+Remark from Leif-Joran:
+I have a backup room at my department just a couple of
+hundred meters from Gothia Towers. L307, Lennart Torstenssons-gatan 8
+Remarks from Ted:
+As I understand it, it will probably be harder to find a room inside the
+hotel than to find the hotel itself, it boasts to be the biggest hotel
+in Skandinavia...
+My mobile phone number is +49 151 52634367. I'm there on a probably
+quite busy business trip, so it may be that I have to cancel the whole
+thing on short notice.
+I propose that you try to contact me by phone before leaving home, so I
+can confirm that I will be there.
+Also I don't have much time to prepare, so please don't expect something
+like a professional presentation from me. I hope it will be a nice
+little meeting, we will assure each others, you'll ask questions you
+always wanted to ask about CACert and I'll tell you about all the things
+that have recently changed at CAcert, at least the important ones. And
+maybe I'll try to trick you into making a false assurance, just to show
+you where problems are expected. :-)