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-Dear Member,
-There is going to be a CAcert Assurance Event next week in San Diego. It will be held at the USENIX'09 Technical Conference at the Town & Country Hotel. Here is an opportunity to get the points you still need for your CAcert account, and learn more about what CAcert has to offer.
-This will be more than just an Assurance event, it will also be a "Report to the Community", Assurance Training Event (ATE), and Assurance Event. It is also an opportunity for us to hear from you.
-Please email me if you decide to attend and can help out. Not to worry, if you are not registered for the conference itself, the Birds of a Feather (BoF) is open to all. It will be an opportunity to meet others in the CAcert community. PGTP/GPG signing is being done.
-Please remember to bring your filled out forms, and two government issued photo ID's, and if you are doing PGTP/GPG signing, have those printed out too.
-Greg Stark
-USENIX'09 Annual Technical Conference
-CAcert Birds of a Feather(BoF) Session
-Thursday, June 18th
-Royal Palm Salon #1-2, 8-10PM
-Town & Country Hotel
-500 Hotel Circle North
-San Diego, CA 92108
-Telephone (toll free): 800.77.ATLAS
-Telephone (local): 619.291.7131