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+Open Source Days 2010 - Copenhagen, DK - March 5th and 6th 2010
+Dear Assurers,
+CAcert is trying to get a booth at the
+Open Source Days 2010 conference at Copenhagen DK
+March 5th and 6th 2010
+The call for participation deadline is Jan 20th 2010
+As we have another event at the same time (Cebit 2010), we are in need
+of assistance from additional local assurers who can make this thing happen.
+We are looking for assurers who are available to organize
+CAcert's participation at Open Source Days 2010.
+As organizer for this event you get all assistance you'll need
+from the events team leader.
+If you are interested in helping please respond
+to this email so we can trigger the the call for participation
+before the deadline.
+Thanks for your assistance in advance.
+mit freundlichen Gruessen / best regards
+Ulrich Schroeter - CAcert Event Organisation Officer, CAcert Case Manager, CAcert Arbitrator
+ - Free Certificates
+E-Mail: &