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(Refer to <a href="#p1.4">&sect;1.4</a> for limitations to service.)
<a id="p5.8"></a><h3>5.8. CA or RA termination</h3>
<a id="p5.8.1"></a><h4>5.8.1 CA termination</h4>
-If CAcert should terminate its operation or be
-taken over by another organisation, the actions
-will be conducted according to a plan approved
-by the CAcert Inc. Board.
In the event of operational termination, the
Roots (including SubRoots)
@@ -2948,47 +2936,10 @@ party for the sole purpose of issuing revocations.
Member information will be securely destroyed.
-<p class="change">
-The CA cannot be transferrred to another organisation.
-In the event of takeover,
-the Board will decide if it is in the interest
-of the Members to be converted to the
-new organisation.
-Members will be notified about the conversion
-and transfer of the Member information.
-Such takeover, conversion or transfer may involve termination
-of this CPS and other documents.
-See &sect;9.10.2.
-Members will have reasonable time in which to file a related
-dispute after notification
-(at least one month).
-See &sect;9.13.
- <ul class="error" style="text-decoration:line-through;">
- <li> The ability to transfer is not given in any of CCA, PP or AP! </li>
- <li> The Board does not have the power to terminate a policy, that is the role of policy group! </li>
- <li> The right to transfer was against the principles of the CAcert? </li>
- <li> Check Association Statutes.... </li>
- </ul>
-<p class="strike">
-New root keys and certificates will be made available
-by the new organisation as soon as reasonably practical.
+The CA cannot be transferrred to another organisation.
<a id="p5.8.2"></a><h4>5.8.2 RA termination</h4>