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<title>CACert Organisation Assurance Program sub-policy for Australia</title>
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-<h2 id="g0.1">Preliminaries </h2>
+<h2 id="g0.1">0. Preliminaries </h2>
This CAcert sub-policy extends the Organisation Assurance Policy
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ under the supervision of the Assurance Officer ("AO") for entities
within the defined scope.
-<h2 id="g0.2">Scope</h2>
+<h2 id="g0.2">1. Scope</h2>
This sub-policy is applicable to:
@@ -83,13 +83,13 @@ within the defined scope.
-<h2 id="g0.3">Requirements </h2>
+<h2 id="g0.3">2. Requirements </h2>
This section describes any scope specific requirements that are not otherwise defined in the OAP.
-<h3 id="g0.3.1">Organisation </h3>
+<h3 id="g0.3.1">2.1. Organisation </h3>
<ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;">
@@ -99,16 +99,12 @@ This section describes any scope specific requirements that are not otherwise de
-<h3 id="g0.3.2">Records </h3>
+<h3 id="g0.3.2">2.2. Records </h3>
<ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;">
<li>Digital Signatures MAY be accepted in Australia under the Electronic Transactions Act 2000.
-<li>Statutory Declarations MAY be accepted in support of other documentary evidence.</li>
<li>Historic documents MAY be accepted where it can be proven that
material changes have not been made (eg via absence of subsequent
@@ -116,25 +112,24 @@ submissions in official document listings).</li>
-<h3 id="g0.3.3">Application Form </h3>
+<h3 id="g0.3.3">2.3. Application Form </h3>
<ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;">
<li>The licensing authority MUST be specified as 'Australian
Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)' (for companies, trusts
etc) or a state office of fair trading (for sole traders, partnerships
-and trading names).
- </li>
+and trading names).</li>
<li>Any applicable organisation identifiers (ACN/ABN/ARBN) MUST be
specified where applicable (not required for sole traders operating
-under their own name).
- </li>
- </ol>
+under their own name).</li>
-<h2 id="g0.4">Registration </h2>
+<h2 id="g0.4">3. Registration </h2>
-<h3 id="g0.4.1">Registries </h3>
+<h3 id="g0.4.1">3.1. Registries </h3>
<ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;">
@@ -215,7 +210,7 @@ under their own name).
-<h3 id="g0.4.2">Agents </h3>
+<h3 id="g0.4.2">3.2. Agents </h3>
<ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;">
@@ -234,7 +229,7 @@ under their own name).
-<h3 id="g0.4.3">Identifiers </h3>
+<h3 id="g0.4.3">3.3. Identifiers </h3>
<ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;">
@@ -253,7 +248,7 @@ Business Register (ABR).</li>
-<h3 id="g0.4.4">Documents </h3>
+<h3 id="g0.4.4">3.4. Documents </h3>
<ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;">
@@ -263,9 +258,9 @@ Business Register (ABR).</li>
-<h2 id="g0.5">Processes </h2>
+<h2 id="g0.5">4. Processes </h2>
-<h3 id="g0.5.1">Assurance </h3>
+<h3 id="g0.5.1">4.1. Assurance </h3>
<ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;">
@@ -309,5 +304,6 @@ the application.</li>