AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-09-20bug 988: fixed typobug-988INOPIAE
2013-09-20bug 988: added encoding to form tagINOPIAE
2013-09-20bug 988: small layout correctionsINOPIAE
2013-09-20bug 988: added <br> and point calculationINOPIAE
2013-09-20bug 988: Change of position of dropdownbox, addition to back anchorINOPIAE
2013-09-17bug 988: change the output so email is submitted to TTP CAPINOPIAE
2013-09-17bug 988: change name for selectboxINOPIAE
2013-09-17bug 988: changed call of function get_received_assurancesINOPIAE
2013-09-17bug 988: general redesign of HTML formBenny Baumann
2013-09-17bug 988: include missing detailsBenny Baumann
2013-09-17bug 988: added css class to wot/6.phpINOPIAE
2013-09-17bug 988: corrected function create_selectbox_HTMLINOPIAE
2013-09-15bug 988: fixed missing <? ?> tagsINOPIAE
2013-09-15bug 988: added missing ?>INOPIAE
2013-09-14bug 988: Added call of page wot.php/16INOPIAE
2013-09-14bug 988: rework of the selectbox creationINOPIAE
2013-09-14bug 988: added config file config/ttp.iniINOPIAE
2013-09-14bug 988: reworked the method for the assurances typeINOPIAE
2013-09-14bug 988: adjusted form for pdf outputINOPIAE
2013-09-14bug 988: added dropdown for countries in wot/16.php did some typosINOPIAE
2013-09-13bug 988: added function to build the TTP country dropdown from an ini fileINOPIAE
2013-09-10bug 988: changed url for TTP cap formINOPIAE
2013-09-10bug 988: Merge branch 'release' into bug-988INOPIAE
2013-09-08Merge branch 'tarballs' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2013-09-08Source code taken from cacert-20130906.tar.bz2Michael Tänzer
2013-09-08Release: Remove left-over merge markersMichael Tänzer
2013-09-06Merge branch 'merge-bug-1177-893-1136-1123-1137' into releaseBenny Baumann
2013-09-03bug 1137: Revert patch from Ted, because of inconsistencies. Also fix a typo ...merge-bug-1177-893-1136-1123-1137Benny Baumann
2013-09-03bug 1177: Remove unused functionMichael Tänzer
2013-09-01Replaced "Trusted 3rd Parties" by "Trusted Third Parties", "Trusted 3rd Parti...Bernhard Fröhlich
2013-09-01Change proposed during reviewBernhard Fröhlich
2013-08-25Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug-663' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2013-08-25Merge branch 'bug-1198' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2013-08-25Merge branch 'bug-1200' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2013-08-25Merge branch 'release' into bug-1017bug-1017Michael Tänzer
2013-08-25Merge branch 'bug-1123' into merge-bug-1177-893-1136-1123-1137Michael Tänzer
2013-08-25Merge branch 'release' into bug-1123bug-1123Michael Tänzer
2013-08-25Revert "bug 1123: fixed merge conflicts on testserver"Michael Tänzer
2013-08-24Merge branch 'bug-1137' into merge-bug-1177-893-1136-1123-1137Michael Tänzer
2013-08-24bug 1137: get rid of the board flag, which has already been removed in the re...Michael Tänzer
2013-08-24bug 1137: setting the "certify" check box should depend on the method selecte...Michael Tänzer
2013-08-24bug 1137: mysql_real_escape() fields in user_agreements although they usually...Michael Tänzer
2013-08-14Merge branch 'bug-893' into merge-bug-1177-893-1136-1123-1137Michael Tänzer
2013-08-14bug 893: domaincerts has no column memid, it has to be referenced via domainsbug-893Michael Tänzer
2013-08-13Merge branch 'bug-1123' into merge-bug-1177-893-1136-1123-1137Benny Baumann
2013-08-13Merge branch 'bug-1137' into merge-bug-1177-893-1136-1123-1137Benny Baumann
2013-08-08bug 1200: Fix missing dollar sign before error handlingbug-1200Benny Baumann
2013-08-07bug 1200: Doh, STDOUT is the *third* parameter of runCommand()Michael Tänzer
2013-08-07bug 1200: Use a freshly created temporary directory as gpg homedirMichael Tänzer
2013-08-07bug 1200: Use runCommand() to execute gpg to avoid using an unneeded tempfileMichael Tänzer