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2021-08-08Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug-1473' into test-1442test-1442Bernhard "Ted" Fröhlich
2021-08-07Merge pull request #26 from jandd/bug-1473Bernhard "Ted" Fröhlich
Set GPG digest algorithm to SHA256
2021-08-07Merge branch 'bug-1533' into test-1442Bernhard Fröhlich
2021-08-07Merge pull request #25 from eruedin/releaseBernhard "Ted" Fröhlich
Choosing the "usual" branch naming...
2021-08-05SHA1/256 of class3 (2021) & postal adress NSW>GEeruedin
2021-08-05Update coap.html.phperuedin
new postal address
2021-08-05Update capnew.phperuedin
SHA1 & SHA256 corrected from 2019->2021 & postal address from NSW -> GE
2021-08-05Update cap.html.phperuedin
Class 3 Fingerprint 2019->2021 & Postal address NSW->GE
2021-06-12Revert "Alternative proposal by egal in ↵HEADreleaseBernhard Fröhlich" As discussed in mails, the initial naming scheme should be used This reverts commit eb9d3c06791154cc71a97d7d845ef54435c87b6f.
2021-06-09Alternative proposal by egal in Fröhlich
2021-06-09Changes as proposed by alkas in Fröhlich
2021-06-08Avoid php errors...Bernhard Froehlich
2021-06-08Undone a change from Karl-Heinz in commit ↵Bernhard Froehlich
a81747b7ed63126cf002ab8c587727973654fb98, unknown function g()
2020-05-17Set GPG digest algorithm to SHA256Jan Dittberner
This commit fixes by setting the cert-digest-algo parameter of gpg to SHA256.
2019-09-26Merge branch 'bug-1423' into test-1442Bernhard Fröhlich
2019-09-26Merge branch 'bug-1423' of into ↵Bernhard Fröhlich
2019-09-26Bug-1423; delete a sponsor-linkKarl-Heinz Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2019-09-21Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/test-1442' into test-1442Bernhard Fröhlich
2019-09-21Changes on cats_import.php specific to the testserverBernhard Froehlich
2019-09-21Merge branch 'bug-1440' into test-1442Bernhard Fröhlich
2019-09-21Bug-1440; correcting typoKarl-Heinz Gödderz (GuKKDevel)
2019-09-21Adding the link to the EU-EEE-DataProtectionDeclarationKarl-Heinz Gödderz
2019-07-26Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/bug-775' into test-1442Bernhard Fröhlich
2019-07-26Working combination of and serial.conf. Hopefully.Bernhard Fröhlich
# Conflicts: # CommModule/ # CommModule/serial.conf
2019-07-21bug 775: changed teh duration date for the organisation certificates to 2 ↵INOPIAE
years for each type.
2019-05-14Merge branch 'bug-1305' into test-1442Bernhard Fröhlich
2019-04-26Corrected Root Certificate Fingerprint message to new values.bdmc
Corrected CAcert's Mailing Address. Commented out message about GPG signed version of root keys.
2019-04-15Merge branch 'bug-1459' into release (Emergency bugfix)Bernhard Fröhlich
2019-04-12Corrected Root Certificate Fingerprint message to new values.bdmc
2019-04-10Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug-1305' into bug-1305bdmc
2019-04-10Renamed old certificate files to match new style, including serial number in ↵bdmc
file name. Then copied newest certificate files to old names, root.crt and class3.crt, to allow old code that does not follow web page path. ( URI )
2019-04-07Removed CAcert_Root_Certificates_X0F_X0E.msi, since I have no idea how to ↵Bernhard Fröhlich
review this file, and nothing unreviewed should be installed on the server...
2019-03-31Merge branch 'bug-1305' into test-1442Bernhard Fröhlich
2019-03-31Removed extraneous heading message and added comment explaining things.bdmc
2019-03-31RSS updatedBernhard Fröhlich
2019-03-31Merge branch 'bug-1305' into test-1442Bernhard Fröhlich
2019-03-29Corrected SHA-1 and SHA-256 fingerprints on all forms and pages.bdmc
2019-03-19Added SHA-1 fingerprints to page 3.bdmc
2019-03-12Merge branch 'bug-1305' into test-1442Bernhard Fröhlich
2019-03-07Corrected Mailing Address for CAcert.bdmc
2019-03-01Re-enabled mail checking and other temporary (?) changesBernhard Froehlich
2019-03-01(Temporary?) improved error reporting in checkEmail --> bug-1460Bernhard Froehlich
2019-02-25Wytzes emergency changebug-1459Bernhard Fröhlich
2019-02-14Merge branch 'release' into bug-1305Bernhard Fröhlich
2019-02-13Merge branch 'release' into bug-1430bug-1430Bernhard Fröhlich
2019-02-13source code taken from cacert-20180906.tar.bz2Bernhard Fröhlich
2019-01-18Merge branch 'bug-1305' into test-1442Bernhard Fröhlich
# Conflicts: # pages/index/3.php # www/cap.php
2019-01-03Documented disabled mail checkingBernhard Fröhlich
2019-01-03Disabled email check (untested!)Bernhard Fröhlich
2018-12-16Merge pull request #20 from GuKKDevel/bug-1305Bernhard Fröhlich
corrected the address, and switched from 2-character chunks with colon…