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2013-05-01bug 893: fixed check of certificate retension timeINOPIAE
2013-05-01bug 893: replaced some * by 1 in select statmentsINOPIAE
2013-05-01bug 893: fixed query for check_certificatesINOPIAE
2013-05-01bug 893: adjusted preg_match and cert duration checkINOPIAE
2013-04-30bug 983: adjust preg_match to !==INOPIAE
2013-04-30bug 893: changed preg_matchINOPIAE
2013-04-30bug 893: Added check for correct arbitrtation no + sequence noINOPIAE
2013-02-19bug 893: removed returns from some functions in includes/temp_functions.phpINOPIAE
2013-01-18bug 893: fixed typoINOPIAE
2013-01-18bug 893: sanitizing variablesINOPIAE
2013-01-17bug 893: tied up commit and some minor fixesINOPIAE
2013-01-16bug 893: added check for orgadmin and revokation of certINOPIAE
2013-01-16bug 893: Added some checks prior to the deletion of an accountINOPIAE
2013-01-12bug 893: fix typoINOPIAE
2013-01-12bug 893: Took out deleted = Now() in delete account so that the delete accoun...INOPIAE
2013-01-12bug 893: Fixed the cert login flag to disabled during account deleteINOPIAE
2013-01-11bug 893: Fixed layout for error messagesINOPIAE
2013-01-08bug 893: Added email check to includes/temp_functions.php and exchanged the f...INOPIAE
2013-01-07bug 893: fixed typo in sql statement for delete domainINOPIAE
2013-01-07bug 893: adjusted email cert delete to Login=0INOPIAE
2013-01-07bug 893: fixed some sql statementsINOPIAE
2013-01-07bug 893: fixed sql-statement by certificate revokationINOPIAE
2013-01-07bug 893: fixed delete email routine in account deleteINOPIAE
2013-01-07bug 893: Fixed typo in includes/temp_functions.php dres ->$resINOPIAE
2013-01-07bug 893: Fix some syntax errors causing blank pagesBenny Baumann
2013-01-07bug 893: Fix whitespaceBenny Baumann
2013-01-07bug 893: replaced " by ' if possibleINOPIAE
2013-01-07bug 893:extracted delete functionalities to temp_functions.php, modified www/...INOPIAE
2012-10-31Merge branch 'bug-860' into releaseBenny Baumann
2012-10-31Merge branch 'bug-922' into releaseBenny Baumann
2012-10-31Merge branch 'bug-978' into releaseBenny Baumann
2012-10-30bug 860: Add changes requested in comment ~3277bug-860Michael Tänzer
2012-10-03bug 1091: Thou shall not use \n in single quotesbug-1091Michael Tänzer
2012-08-25bug 860: Reunite split up strings for translation.Michael Tänzer
2012-08-21Source code taken from cacert-20120810.tar.bz2Michael Tänzer
2012-08-15bug 922: only select distinct server serts to avoid processing the same certMichael Tänzer
2012-06-12Source code taken from cacert-20120610.tar.bz2Michael Tänzer
2012-04-30Source code taken from cacert-20120429.tar.bz2Michael Tänzer
2012-04-18bug 922: also fix domlink handling in domain disputesMichael Tänzer
2012-03-18Code proposal to sync assurer flagBernhard Froehlich
2012-01-26Source code taken from cacert-20120125.tar.bz2Michael Tänzer
2012-01-10Merge branch 'release' into bug-985bug-985Michael Tänzer
2011-11-27Source code taken from cacert-20111125.tar.bz2Michael Tänzer
2011-11-24Merge branch 'bug-965' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2011-11-20Merge branch 'bug-968' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2011-11-20Merge branch 'bug-966' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2011-11-20Source code taken from cacert-20111116.tar.bz2Michael Tänzer
2011-11-17bug 965: Also adjust the links to the replaced pagesMichael Tänzer
2011-11-15Merge branch 'bug-882' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2011-11-15Merge branch 'bug-827' into releaseMichael Tänzer