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2019-02-25Wytzes emergency changebug-1459Bernhard Fröhlich
2018-10-22Bugfix proposed by Wytze, see Fröhlich
2015-08-26Merge branch 'bug-1389' into releaseBenny Baumann
2015-07-29bug 1389: Consistent indentationbug-1389Benny Baumann
2015-07-26bug 1392: correct a variable mixup causing all SANs in CSRs to be rejectedbug-1392Benny Baumann
2015-07-25bug 1392: Check domain names in CN/SAN to at least basically comply to RFCBenny Baumann
2015-07-22bug 1389: rename the parameter 'extra' to 'use_utf8' everywhereFelix Dörre
2015-07-21bug 1389: send all mails correct in quoted-prinableFelix Dörre
caller should now send plain utf-8 or html-encoded
2014-12-16Merge branch 'release' into bug-1131bug-1131Benny Baumann
Conflicts: pages/wot/6.php www/policy/CAcertCommunityAgreement.php The conflict in the CCA document page was introduced due to the rename of the file. This instance can be safely ignored, as bug 1131 introduces a new version superseeding the old document. The instance in pages/wot/6.php is a bit more complicated, but basically results from a change of bug 1137 and the modified paths to the policy documents.
2014-12-05Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug-790' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2014-12-05Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug-1318' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2014-11-30bug 1318: Minor typobug-1318Benny Baumann
2014-11-30bug 1318: Variable name typoBenny Baumann
2014-11-30bug 1288: Some cleanup as this is never used anywaybug-1288Benny Baumann
2014-11-30bug 1288: Accept STARTTLS as last optionBenny Baumann
2014-11-29bug 1318: typo in variable namesBenny Baumann
2014-11-29bug 1318: Actually sort by priorityBenny Baumann
2014-11-29bug 1318: Fix a check for if there were any serversBenny Baumann
2014-11-29bug 1318: Request the array containing the priorities to sort entries propoerlyBenny Baumann
2014-11-29bug 1288: Actually request encryption for the connection before activatingBenny Baumann
2014-11-29bug 1288: EHLO returns 250 on successBenny Baumann
2014-11-29bug 1318: Typo in control structureBenny Baumann
2014-11-29bug 1288: Do STARTTLS whenever offered by the serverBenny Baumann
2014-11-29bug 1318: Properly order MX records by order given in RFC 5321Benny Baumann
2014-11-23Merge branch 'bug-28' into releaseBenny Baumann
Conflicts: includes/account.php scripts/cron/warning.php www/disputes.php www/wot.php
2014-11-23Merge branch 'bug-1273' into releaseBenny Baumann
2014-11-23Merge branch 'bug-1192' into releaseBenny Baumann
2014-11-18Merge branch 'bug-1339' into releaseBenny Baumann
2014-11-15bug-1339: remove all traces of OTPbug-1339Felix Dörre
2014-10-07bug-790: change PEM-Armor-striping code to not break correct CSRsFelix Dörre
(copied from somewhere above)
2014-09-23bug-709: change spkac-text, wrap crt with <pre>sFelix Dörre
2014-09-23bug-790: do translation, fix cert downloadFelix Dörre
2014-09-23bug-790: implement that thing.Felix Dörre
2014-08-30bug 1301: Fix issue with missing default for the encodingbug-1301Benny Baumann
2014-08-20Merge branch 'bug-1297' into releaseBenny Baumann
2014-08-20Merge branch 'bug-1292' into releaseBenny Baumann
2014-08-09bug-1297: update openssl regexes to openssl 1.0.1bug-1297Felix Dörre
Some keywords in the "req"-output have changed.
2014-07-27bug 1291: Fix XSS in WoT 15Felix Dörre
2014-07-27bug-1292: prohibit keys with public exponent smaller than 65536bug-1292Felix Dörre
This is in accordance to what is recommended on the referenced wiki page:
2014-07-15Merge branch 'bug-1226' into releaseBenny Baumann
2014-07-15Merge branch 'bug-1280' into releaseBenny Baumann
2014-06-21bug 1280: Implement normalisation in of language codes in the L10n classbug-1280Michael Tänzer
and use it (in set_translation() and the Assurer contact form) Signed-off-by: Michael Tänzer <>
2014-06-21bug 1280: Remove trailing white spaceMichael Tänzer
Signed-off-by: Michael Tänzer <>
2014-06-21Revert "bug-1280: Handle more different types of "languages":"Michael Tänzer
This reverts commit 0730c9df3eb440205d7963e3c0762765d9b47031.
2014-06-15bug 1273: Move the one "escapeshellarg" in a new row.Felix Dörre
2014-06-15bug 1273: use runCommand where former "echo"-syntax was usedFelix Dörre
2014-06-15bug 1273: replace backtick operators with shell_execFelix Dörre
+ fix 1 missing escapeshellarg Commands used to locate: 1. find includes -type f -name '*.php' -exec cat {} \; \ | tr '\n' '?' | sed 's/\(\$query .\?= \|\ mysql_query(\|query_init (\)"\([^"]\|".\(\(intval\|mysql_real_escape_string\)\ (\$[^\$)]\+)\|\$_SESSION\(\['_config'\]\['user'\]\['Q[1-5]'\]\ \|['_config']['disablelogin']\)\)[ ?]*."\)*"/mysql-substitute/g'\ | tr '?' '\n' | grep --color=always "\`"|less -r and reviewing the queries by hand. This command replaces out strings obviously looking like sql_queries and then outputting al remaining backticks: starting with "$query = ,mysql_query, ..." and are only interrupted by "safe" calls: - mysql_real_escape_string - intval - pre_escaped session variables (This command may also be used for locating bad escaped sql_queries) 2. grep -r "\`\(grep\|/\|echo\|dig\|openssl\|gpg\|rm\|../\)" www includes pages \ | grep -v '\(from\|update\|into\) `gpg'
2014-06-13Merge branch 'release' into bug-807Benny Baumann
Conflicts: includes/account.php includes/lib/account.php pages/account/16.php
2014-06-11bug-1280: Handle more different types of "languages":Felix Dörre
- zh_CN => zh-cn (in various cases: ZH_cn, zh_cn, ...) - de => de (what the current GUI produces) - de_DE => de, en_AU => en, EN_AU => en (what may be left in the database) ... and more creative upper/lower-cases
2014-06-07Merge branch 'bug-929' into releaseBenny Baumann