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2014-04-21Merge branch 'tarballs' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2014-04-21Source code taken from cacert-20140419.tar.bz2Michael Tänzer
2013-03-05Source code taken from cacert-20130227.tar.bz2Michael Tänzer
2013-02-27Merge branch 'bug-964' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2013-02-13Source code taken from cacert-20130129.tar.bz2Michael Tänzer
2012-09-13bug 1097: Also escape characters outside the ASCII rangebug-1097Michael Tänzer
2012-07-23bug 964: Completely reimplement the IE key generationMichael Tänzer
2012-04-30Merge branch 'tarballs' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2012-04-30Source code taken from cacert-20120429.tar.bz2Michael Tänzer
2012-01-31bug 1011: work around PHP 5.2Michael Tänzer
2012-01-31bug 1011: Escape all special characters, not only non-ASCII ones whileMichael Tänzer
2012-01-26Source code taken from cacert-20120125.tar.bz2Michael Tänzer
2011-09-28bug 985: move from Translingo to Pootle ( Tänzer
2011-09-28bug 985: add all possible locales and use new directory layoutMichael Tänzer
2011-03-16Source code taken from cacert-20110316.tar.bz2Michael Tänzer
2011-02-03#896: Remove translation files from tarballsMichael Tänzer
2011-01-27Source code taken from cacert-20110126.tar.bz2Michael Tänzer
2010-12-01#896: Remove translation files from tarballsMichael Tänzer
2010-08-12source code taken from cacert-20100805.tar.bz2Markus Warg
2010-08-12source code taken from cacert-20100802.tar.bz2Markus Warg
2010-08-12source code taken from cacert-20100706.tar.bz2Markus Warg
2010-05-06source code taken from cacert-20100505.tar.bz2Markus Warg
2010-03-29remove cacert/ prefixMarkus Warg