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2015-01-14FROMAT: If-Block in 13.php (see bug #612)Janis Streib
2014-09-09bug-612: small fixups in code styleFelix Dörre
2014-09-09bug-612: adding ip anonymization for secret-question mailFelix Dörre
2014-06-15bug 612: Using consistent date/time format, putting params in a new lineFelix Dörre
2014-06-15bug 612: add IP-Address and Time to "viewed secret questions"-message.Felix Dörre
2014-04-30bug 1138: Add some more mising escaping for values from the databaseBenny Baumann
2014-02-04Merge branch 'release' into bug-1138Michael Tänzer
2014-01-20bug 1138: rework of the SE log outputINOPIAE
2014-01-08bug 1236: moved hidden field linebug-1236INOPIAE
2014-01-08bug 1236: Corrected showdetail handlingINOPIAE
2013-12-08bug 1138: added call for account history from account detailsINOPIAE
2013-07-09bug 663: changed if statement and corrected typobug-663INOPIAE
2013-07-09bug 663: changed Unconditional Variable Assignment instead of if-condition fo...INOPIAE
2013-07-09bug 663: changed that secret q&a only be visible if requestedINOPIAE
2012-08-25bug 860: Reunite split up strings for translation.Michael Tänzer
2010-03-29remove cacert/ prefixMarkus Warg