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2015-02-03Merge branch 'bug-1129' into testserver-stableBenny Baumann
2015-01-21bug-1129: Better wording in mailbug-1129Janis Streib
2015-01-21Merge branch 'bug-1129' into testserver-stableBenny Baumann
2015-01-21FIX: Fixup: Better mailtext for support access.Janis Streib
2015-01-20Merge branch 'bug-1129' into testserver-stableBenny Baumann
2015-01-20FIX: Better Mailtext for SE password lookup notification mail.Janis Streib
2015-01-14Merge branch 'bug-1355' into testserver-stableBenny Baumann
2015-01-14Merge branch 'bug-1129' into testserver-stableBenny Baumann
2015-01-14bug-1129: added notification mail for insight to secret Q&A from SEJanis Streib
2015-01-13bug 1355: remove commented tverify stuff 43.phpMartin Gummi
2014-10-28Merge branch 'bug-1316' into testserver-stableBenny Baumann
2014-10-28bug 1316: replaced revoke assurance by new function revoke_assuranceINOPIAE
2014-06-15Merge branch 'release' into bug-1223Benny Baumann
2014-05-01bug 1138: This is an int, no need to mysql_real_escape()Michael Tänzer
2014-04-30bug 1138: Add some more mising escaping for values from the databaseBenny Baumann
2014-04-29bug 1138: Only revoke assurance if we actually found oneMichael Tänzer
2014-04-29Merge branch 'bug-1221' into bug-1138Michael Tänzer
2014-04-11bug 1138: Source code layoutMichael Tänzer
2014-04-11bug 1138: Sanitize ticket number against XSSMichael Tänzer
2014-04-11bug 1138: Unused variableMichael Tänzer
2014-04-11bug 1138: Don't double escapeMichael Tänzer
2014-04-11bug 1138: Correct spelling / meaningMichael Tänzer
2014-04-07bug 1138: rename interface to better describe what these functions doMichael Tänzer
2014-04-02bug 1138: Error handling when inserting to the admin logMichael Tänzer
2014-04-01bug 1138: Common argument ordering for user_agreement gettersMichael Tänzer
2014-03-16bug 1223: added a trim for request cleanupINOPIAE
2014-03-11bug 1138: added $ticketno to function callINOPIAE
2014-02-19bug 1221: SEs should not be able to change the revocation date of anMichael Tänzer
2014-01-20bug 1138: added assurances to SE log, rework of assurance delete form delete ...INOPIAE
2014-01-20bug 1138: rework delete assurance SE logINOPIAE
2014-01-20bug 1138: changed status texts from AD to SEINOPIAE
2014-01-20bug 1138: added SE log for secret questions & answersINOPIAE
2014-01-20bug 1138: added revoke assurance routineINOPIAE
2014-01-20bug 1138: inserted revoke certificate handlingINOPIAE
2014-01-20bug 1138: rework of the SE log outputINOPIAE
2014-01-19bug 1138: changed ticket no handlingINOPIAE
2014-01-19bug 1138: changed function se_write_log to write_se_log, changed ticket no ha...INOPIAE
2014-01-19bug 1138: changed Ticket form handlingINOPIAE
2014-01-19bug 1138: changed variableINOPIAE
2014-01-12bug 1138: fixed typo indentationINOPIAE
2014-01-12bug 1138: fixed syntax errors missing }INOPIAE
2014-01-12bug 1138: Fix indentation and whitespaceBenny Baumann
2014-01-12bug 1138: fixed merge conflict and white spaces indentationINOPIAE
2014-01-11Merge branch 'release' into bug-1138Benny Baumann
2013-12-08Merge branch 'bug-1138' of into bug-1138INOPIAE
2013-12-08bug 1138: added call for account history in account/43.phpINOPIAE
2013-12-08bug 1138: added function get_domainsINOPIAE
2013-12-08bug 1138: added function to display all email addresses of a userINOPIAE
2013-12-08bug 1138: added function get_alertsINOPIAE
2013-12-08bug 1138: added fuction to get_user_dataINOPIAE