path: root/scripts/cron/refresh_stats.php
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-04-21UPD: fixup for 'administrativ-increase-assurances' in refresh_stats.phpbug-1051Felix Dörre
2015-02-25bug-1051: Update some SQL queries in stats to new points calculationFelix Dörre
2013-11-20Merge branch 'release' into bug-1221Michael Tänzer
2012-10-31bug 1004: fix SQL syntaxbug-1004Michael Tänzer
2012-10-31bug 1004: filter deleted users, assurances and certs that failed signingMichael Tänzer
2012-08-25bug 1004: Only count non-revoked and Face-to-Face pointsMichael Tänzer
2012-08-25bug 1004: Count awarded points, not only rounded down onesMichael Tänzer
2012-01-31bug 1004: Make script resilient against working directory changesMichael Tänzer
2012-01-22bug 1004: fix output layout (missing newline)Michael Tänzer
2012-01-22bug 1004: PHP doesn't allow type hinting for stringsMichael Tänzer
2012-01-22bug 1004: make script executable and quote identifiers in SQL queryMichael Tänzer
2012-01-22bug 1004: split off statistic calculation into a cron scriptMichael Tänzer