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2014-11-23Merge branch 'bug-28' into releaseBenny Baumann
2013-07-22bug 893: Remove temp_functions.phpBenny Baumann
2013-07-21Merge branch 'bug-1177' into bug-893Benny Baumann
2013-07-12Merge branch 'bug-1173' into releaseBenny Baumann
2013-06-11bug 1173: corrected output, missing s with sprintfbug-1173INOPIAE
2013-05-22bug 1173: changed the mail part send to supportINOPIAE
2013-05-08bug 28: Fix the function nameBenny Baumann
2013-05-08bug 28: add changes for l10n classBenny Baumann
2013-05-07bug 1094: Wrong variable used in error messagebug-1094Michael Tänzer
2013-05-05bug 1173: added check for disputes on locked accountsINOPIAE
2013-05-01bug 28: Moved function from temp_function1.php to includes/lib/l10n.php and c...INOPIAE
2013-05-01bug 28: created a new function to find the lanugae of the reciepient in temp_...INOPIAE
2013-05-01bug 1094: changed support@c.o. to mailto linkINOPIAE
2013-05-01bug 1094: Added new message regarding disputes on organisation domainsINOPIAE
2013-02-12bug 893: changed $rc to $rc2INOPIAE
2013-01-23bug-893: Fix syntax error: missing closing braceMichael Tänzer
2013-01-07bug 893:extracted delete functionalities to temp_functions.php, modified www/...INOPIAE
2010-03-29remove cacert/ prefixMarkus Warg