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2014-09-16bug 1131: Updated Policies based on new versions send by Policy OfficerBenny Baumann
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2010-11-12Bug #876: NRP-DaL to be removed immediatelyMichael Tänzer
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2010-11-11 Warg
add descriptive text and link to RDL (cherry picked from commit 42cda067b4259989a3af6cb25bfac1dd5bc42e6a)
2010-11-11 Warg
Message from IanG: The policy group decision was pretty damning: "Further, that Non-related Parties - Disclaimer and Licence be withdrawn entirely and immediately, fully effective on finalisation of this motion. The purpose of the NRP-DaL is entirely replaced by the RDL." (cherry picked from commit 3bb4e70ec32b7cf1a4dd13684a9e684e3f520eaf)
2010-03-29remove cacert/ prefixMarkus Warg