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2013-05-15Merge branch 'release' into bug-1121bug-1121Michael Tänzer
Conflicts: www/wot.php
2013-05-13Merge branch 'bug-1094' into releaseBenny Baumann
2013-05-13Merge branch 'bug-569' into releaseBenny Baumann
2013-05-07bug 1094: Wrong variable used in error messagebug-1094Michael Tänzer
Signed-off-by: Michael Tänzer <>
2013-05-01bug 1094: changed support@c.o. to mailto linkINOPIAE
2013-05-01bug 1094: Added new message regarding disputes on organisation domainsINOPIAE
2013-04-16Merge branch 'bug-1112' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2013-04-16Merge branch 'bug-1099' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2013-03-26bug 1099: Edit the CSS style for unordered listsMichael Tänzer
Signed-off-by: Michael Tänzer <>
2013-02-27Merge branch 'bug-964' into releaseMichael Tänzer
2013-02-20bug 1112: Fix things popped up in review:Michael Tänzer
- whitespace/indentation - require vs. include and possible issue with relative path - wording - intval($id) - unnecessary change of language while the text is not sent through gettext anyway - do not use mysql_escape_string on email body - make strings easier to translate Signed-off-by: Michael Tänzer <>
2013-02-20Revert "bug 964: Reduce variable scope where possible"bug-964Benny Baumann
This reverts commit 387fde16ca52b6ccfc5a46be99219cd09a7411ce. Decision based on discussion with Michael Tänzer.
2013-02-19bug 964: Make the structure of some queries more easy to readBenny Baumann
2013-02-19bug 964: Reduce variable scope where possibleBenny Baumann
2013-02-19bug 964: Unbreak lines and do some proper indentation and spacingBenny Baumann
2013-02-19bug 964: Trailing whitespace cleanupBenny Baumann
Also fixes one unnecessary BOM character in the keygen JS file
2013-02-12bug 1099: Add Windows installer package to the websiteMichael Tänzer
Signed-off-by: Michael Tänzer <>
2013-01-19bug 569: fixed fatal if clauseINOPIAE
2013-01-16Merge branch 'bug-795' into releaseBenny Baumann
2013-01-16Merge branch 'bug-1133' into releaseBenny Baumann
2013-01-16Merge branch 'bug-1130' into releaseBenny Baumann
2013-01-16Merge branch 'bug-1009' into releaseBenny Baumann
2013-01-16Merge branch 'bug-888' into releaseBenny Baumann
2013-01-12bug 1133: Changed order of the check if the account can be assuredbug-1133INOPIAE
2013-01-12bug 1133: small adjustment in if statememntINOPIAE
2013-01-08bug 1130: Removed ' at end of first linebug-1130INOPIAE
2013-01-08bug 1133: Added function in line 150INOPIAE
2013-01-07bug 1112: fixed typoINOPIAE
2013-01-07bug 1009: adjusted links to imagesbug-1009INOPIAE
2013-01-07bug 1130: adjusted link path to imagesINOPIAE
2013-01-07bug 1130: fixed xml-markerINOPIAE
2013-01-07bug 1009: Fixed xml-markerINOPIAE
2013-01-06bug 1130: Exchanged www/policy/DisputeResolutionPolicy.phpINOPIAE
2013-01-06bug 1009: Exchanged OAPINOPIAE
2013-01-06bug 1121: Added backticks to sql-queries, small typo fixINOPIAE
2013-01-06bug 1112: small typo changesINOPIAE
2013-01-03Typos...bug-795Bernhard Fröhlich
2012-12-19bug 1112: small changesINOPIAE
2012-12-19bug 1112: layout and typo fixesINOPIAE
2012-12-16Merge branch 'release' into bug-1112Benny Baumann
2012-12-13bug 1121: introduced 4 new function into includes/ to process ↵INOPIAE
the cca recording, added the write_user_agreement to www/index.php and www/wot.php, added delete_user_agreement to the cron/removedead.php
2012-12-12bug 792:layout in forms, code in www/account.phpINOPIAE
2012-12-10bug 795: correct copy paste errorINOPIAE
2012-12-10bug 795: correted robotest if functionalityINOPIAE
2012-12-08bug 795: Changed contact form to just one form with two different send ↵INOPIAE
buttons and added a hidden field robotest for honeypot. in styles/default.css a new style ".robotic" is added for the robotest
2012-12-02bug 888: fix for new ttp method "TTP-Assisted"INOPIAE
2012-11-13bug 1114:changes typoINOPIAE
2012-11-12bug 1114: applied changes to the new pages mentionedINOPIAE
2012-11-11bug 1112: Changed the wot/4.php to entering a TTP request, the other file ↵INOPIAE
are needed for the process
2012-10-31Merge branch 'bug-860' into releaseBenny Baumann