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2014-09-23bug 1131: And yet some more updates by the Policy OfficerBenny Baumann
2014-09-23bug 1131: Yet some more updates by the Policy OfficerBenny Baumann
2014-09-23bug 1131: More policies updated by Policy OfficerBenny Baumann
2014-09-23bug 1131: Updated SecurityPolicy.html by Eva Stöwe/Policy OfficerBenny Baumann
2014-09-17bug 1131: Added new version of CPSBenny Baumann
2014-09-16bug 1131: Updated alt text for the document status imagesBenny Baumann
2014-09-16bug 1131: Updated Policies based on new versions send by Policy OfficerBenny Baumann
2013-11-18Bug 1131: Use sectioning elements to reflect the document structure in the ma...Michael Tänzer
2013-11-17Bug 1131: Convert non-semantic markup to semantic markupMichael Tänzer
2013-11-17bug 1131: Fix tables and wrap them in HTML5 figure elementsMichael Tänzer
2013-10-22bug 1131: CCA: use semantic markup to highlight definitionsMichael Tänzer
2013-10-22bug 1131: AP: add link to PoPMichael Tänzer
2013-10-22bug 1131: Style definition terms in CSS rather than using an additionalMichael Tänzer
2013-10-22bug 1131: Correct spacing between section number and headingMichael Tänzer
2013-10-22bug 1131: Add ids to headings in privacy policyMichael Tänzer
2013-10-22bug 1131: Remove unnecessary anchor tagsMichael Tänzer
2013-10-22bug 1131: <ol> type attributes are not allowed in HTML5Michael Tänzer
2013-10-22bug 1131: Properly escape greater than signsMichael Tänzer
2013-10-22bug 1131: Fix broken anchor link in POJAMMichael Tänzer
2013-10-21bug 1131: Various CPS clean-upsMichael Tänzer
2013-10-18Merge remote-tracking branch 'magu/bug-1131' into bug-1131Michael Tänzer
2013-07-18bug-1131: updates of DRP and CPSMartin Gummi
2013-07-17bug 1131: Convert line endings in CPS from DOS to UNIXMichael Tänzer
2013-07-17bug-1131: HTML-Entities to UTF-8Martin Gummi
2013-06-26Merge branch 'release' into bug-1131Martin Gummi
2013-06-25Merge branch 'bug-1134' into releaseBenny Baumann
2013-06-19bug 1131: Added header('HTTP/1.0 301 Moved Permanently') to all php filesMartin Gummi
2013-05-15Merge branch 'release' into bug-1121bug-1121Michael Tänzer
2013-05-15bug-1131: CertificationPracticeStatement.html chg pre to code tagMartin Gummi
2013-05-15bug-1131: CertificationPracticeStatement.html cssMartin Gummi
2013-05-13Merge branch 'bug-1094' into releaseBenny Baumann
2013-05-13Merge branch 'bug-569' into releaseBenny Baumann
2013-05-07bug 1094: Wrong variable used in error messagebug-1094Michael Tänzer
2013-05-01bug 1134: striped board flag from wot.phpbug-1134INOPIAE
2013-05-01bug 1094: changed support@c.o. to mailto linkINOPIAE
2013-05-01bug-1131: RootDistributionLicense.html valid CSSMartin Gummi
2013-05-01bug-1131: PolicyOnPolicy.html valid CSSMartin Gummi
2013-05-01bug 1094: Added new message regarding disputes on organisation domainsINOPIAE
2013-05-01bug-1131: DisputeResolutionPolicy.html remove XHTML doctypeMartin Gummi
2013-05-01bug-1131: RootDistributionLicense.html HTML5Martin Gummi
2013-05-01bug-1131: RootDistributionLicense.html tablesMartin Gummi
2013-05-01bug-1131: RootDistributionLicense.html CSS styleMartin Gummi
2013-05-01bug-1131: RootDistributionLicense.html HTML5 doctypeMartin Gummi
2013-05-01bug-1131: PrivacyPolicy.html HTML5Martin Gummi
2013-05-01bug-1131: PrivacyPolicy.html tablesMartin Gummi
2013-05-01bug-1131: PrivacyPolicy.html CSS styleMartin Gummi
2013-05-01bug-1131: PrivacyPolicy.html HTML5 doctype / utf-8 encodingMartin Gummi
2013-05-01bug-1131: PolicyOnPolicy.html HTML5Martin Gummi
2013-05-01bug-1131: PolicyOnPolicy.html tablesMartin Gummi
2013-05-01bug-1131: PolicyOnPolicy.html CSS StyleMartin Gummi