BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bug-1002bug 1002: replace show_page() call by an explicit output, and use printf() toMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-1003bug 1003: Add debug output so we can trace where the mails got lostMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-1004bug 1004: fix SQL syntaxMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-1008bug 1008: fixed query output from $res to $res1INOPIAE10 years
bug-1009bug 1009: adjusted links to imagesINOPIAE10 years
bug-1010bug 1010: Minor clean-upsMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-1011bug 1011: Move HTML markup out of the translationMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-1017Merge branch 'release' into bug-1017Michael Tänzer10 years
bug-1019bug 1019: Also apply the fix to the logged out form and make the actionMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-1023Merge branch 'release' of ssh:// years
bug-1024bug 1024: now for the interesting stuff: implement the optional parameterMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-1025bug 1025: Correct name clash of variables and loose comparisonMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-1027bug 1027: Doh, missing slashMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-1033bug 1033: Only issue up to 35 pointsMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-1034bug 1034: I checked that there is no reference in www/wot.php and /includes/w...INOPIAE10 years
bug-1042bug 1042: fix minor bad code, fix the missing table cell in the assurance viewFelix Dörre8 years
bug-1043bug 1043: Remove obsolete Site Seal script pointing nowhere anywayBenny Baumann8 years
bug-1045bug 1045: deactivated the part with the temporary increaseINOPIAE10 years
bug-1046bug 1046: ignoring deleted assurers in cron/updatesort.phpFelix Dörre8 years
bug-1047bug 1047: do not use undefined variable $log for calcing pointsFelix Dörre8 years
bug-1048bug-1048: removing api/ccsr.php because it's unusedFelix Dörre8 years
bug-1049bug-1049: remove api/cemails.php as it is old and unused.Felix Dörre8 years
bug-1050Merge branch 'bug-1316' into bug-1050Benny Baumann8 years
bug-1051UPD: fixup for 'administrativ-increase-assurances' in refresh_stats.phpFelix Dörre8 years
bug-1052Merge branch 'bug-1047' into bug-1052Felix Dörre8 years
bug-1053bug-1053: new points calculation in includes/account.phpFelix Dörre8 years
bug-1054Merge branch 'bug-1047' into bug-1054Felix Dörre8 years
bug-1055Merge branch 'bug-1047' into bug-1055Felix Dörre8 years
bug-1058bug 1058: refixing big SQL query escaping with "'" in account/55Felix Dörre8 years
bug-1059Merge branch 'bug-1047' into bug-1059Felix Dörre8 years
bug-1060Merge branch 'bug-1047' into bug-1060Felix Dörre8 years
bug-1061bug 1061: remove comments about the now non-existent fileBenny Baumann8 years
bug-1062bug 1062: the 'administrative increase'-checkFelix Dörre8 years
bug-1064bug 1064: Deleted nearest.php and areacheck.php as they are not needed any mo...INOPIAE10 years
bug-1065Bug 1065: Actually show the points that were awardedMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-1069bug 1069:change typo according to bugINOPIAE10 years
bug-1070bug 1070: Fix problem with literal interpretation of the provided search stringBenny Baumann9 years
bug-1072bug 1072: Change IP addressesMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-1075bug 1075: remove the CAP links from the assure someone pageMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-1080bug 1080: Port changes to "Edit Org" pageMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-1082bug 1082: applied changes to box sizeINOPIAE10 years
bug-1083bug 1083: Replace text input field for comments by multilined textarea to all...Marcus Mängel11 years
bug-1091bug 1091: Thou shall not use \n in single quotesMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-1094bug 1094: Wrong variable used in error messageMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-1097bug 1097: Also escape characters outside the ASCII rangeMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-1099bug 1099: Fix layout issue caused by edited CSSMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-1102bug 1102: avoid splitting the PHP code block when not sensibleBenny Baumann10 years
bug-1109bug 1109: added commentINOPIAE11 years
bug-1111bug 1111: small typoINOPIAE11 years
bug-1112bug 1112: Get TTP Assurances received, not given.Michael Tänzer10 years
bug-1113Bug #1113: Fix translation misspellingsRobert Clausecker11 years
bug-1114bug 1114:Changed ahref to %sINOPIAE11 years
bug-1118bug 1118: Make db migrations script version 2 executableMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-1121Merge branch 'release' into bug-1121Michael Tänzer10 years
bug-1122bug 1122: layout changeINOPIAE10 years
bug-1123Merge branch 'release' into bug-1123Michael Tänzer10 years
bug-1124bug 1124: Avoid duplicate escaping and do ordering by localeBenny Baumann10 years
bug-1129bug-1129: Better wording in mailJanis Streib8 years
bug-1130bug 1130: Removed ' at end of first lineINOPIAE10 years
bug-1131Merge branch 'release' into bug-1131Benny Baumann8 years
bug-1133bug 1133: Changed order of the check if the account can be assuredINOPIAE10 years
bug-1134bug 1134: striped board flag from wot.phpINOPIAE10 years
bug-1135Bug 1135: Make scripts executableMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-1136bug 1136: Fix things that got lost in a merge some time agoMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-1137bug 1137: Missing space in SQL queryMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-1138Merge branch 'bug-413' into bug-1138Benny Baumann9 years
bug-1141bug-1141: Show server certificates from deleted domains so a user canMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-1154bug 1154: typo and wordingINOPIAE10 years
bug-1159bug 1159: Input validation for the time synchronsation on the signerMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-1162bug 1162: exchanged mysql_escape_string to mysql_real_escape_stringINOPIAE10 years
bug-1165bug 1165: Change wordingINOPIAE10 years
bug-1171bug 1171: Avoid warning if no remote IP is available (e.g. inside a cron script)Wytze van der Raay10 years
bug-1172bug 1172: Quote table namesMichael Tänzer9 years
bug-1173bug 1173: corrected output, missing s with sprintfINOPIAE10 years
bug-1176bug 1176: Fix yet another stupid piece of legacy code begging to cause troubleBenny Baumann10 years
bug-1177bug 1177: Fix table for supportBenny Baumann10 years
bug-1182bug-1182: tab to whitespaceMartin Gummi10 years
bug-1183bug-1183: update ReadmeMartin Gummi10 years
bug-1184bug 1184: Quick workaround for name collission on hex2bin on recent PHP versionsBenny Baumann9 years
bug-1186bug 1186: Mixed up order of argumentsBenny Baumann10 years
bug-1188bug 1188: Be even more verbose when checking for an account IDBenny Baumann10 years
bug-1190bug 1190: force linebreaks to be visible on the frontpageBenny Baumann10 years
bug-1192bug-1192: changed text on index/52.phpINOPIAE9 years
bug-1195Merge branch 'release' into bug-1195Michael Tänzer9 years
bug-1198bug-1198: Non-functional clean-ups (wording, markup)Michael Tänzer10 years
bug-1199bug 1199: Escape the keyid if it's put into a shell command and get rid ofMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-1200bug 1200: Fix missing dollar sign before error handlingBenny Baumann10 years
bug-1208bug-1208: fix html typo 2ndMartin Gummi10 years
bug-1212bug 1212-related: match multiple domain partsFelix Dörre9 years
bug-1213bug 1213: fixed some more typos of certficate to certificateINOPIAE10 years
bug-1217bug 1217: added the link to the cer filesINOPIAE10 years
bug-1218Bug 1218: Exportable flag needs to be explicitly set on Win XPMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-1219bug 1219: added equalINOPIAE10 years
bug-1221bug 1221: Adjust the interface of calc_assurances() to be consistent andMichael Tänzer9 years
bug-1223bug 1223: change outputINOPIAE9 years
bug-1226bug 1226: Only consider values above 1900 as the year when returning a pre-fi...Benny Baumann9 years
bug-1229bug 1229: Another spelling mistakeMichael Tänzer9 years
bug-1236bug 1236: moved hidden field lineINOPIAE9 years
bug-1237bug 1237: Fix a typo ...Benny Baumann9 years
bug-1239bug 1239: fixed typo for titleINOPIAE9 years
bug-1243bug 1243: Fix missing constants for HTML escapingBenny Baumann9 years
bug-1244bug 1244: Fix a typoBenny Baumann9 years
bug-1246bug 1246: added a line breakmam9 years
bug-1253bug 1253: Added some more places with color:red to use the error indicator st...Benny Baumann8 years
bug-1255bug 1255: Use if blocks instead of switch because big switches are easy toMichael Tänzer9 years
bug-1257bug 1257: added check if data is givenINOPIAE9 years
bug-1258bug 1258: drop the SSO option for client certsMichael Tänzer9 years
bug-1260bug 1260: Use MySQLi instead of MySQL extension for database accessBenny Baumann9 years
bug-1265bug 1265: Some minor text fixes of the mail textsBenny Baumann9 years
bug-1266bug 1266: Escape data on certificate renewalMichael Tänzer9 years
bug-1272bug 1272: Fix for a typoBenny Baumann9 years
bug-1273bug-1273: fixing backticks in 'warning'-cron-scriptFelix Dörre9 years
bug-1275bug 1275: Fix #1275Michael Tänzer9 years
bug-1276bug 1276: Allow more name variants according to PracticeOnNames when signing ...Alex English9 years
bug-1280bug 1280: Implement normalisation in of language codes in the L10n classMichael Tänzer9 years
bug-1281bug 1281: Fix syntax error in SQL statementBenny Baumann9 years
bug-1282bug-1282: fix some creepy whitespace thingsFelix Dörre9 years
bug-1283bug 1283: remove double encodingFelix Dörre9 years
bug-1288bug 1288: Some cleanup as this is never used anywayBenny Baumann9 years
bug-1291bug 1291: Update wothash calculation for modified behaviourBenny Baumann9 years
bug-1292bug-1292: prohibit keys with public exponent smaller than 65536Felix Dörre9 years
bug-1293bug 1293: Additional changes to CCA by BenediktBenny Baumann9 years
bug-1297bug-1297: update openssl regexes to openssl 1.0.1Felix Dörre9 years
bug-1298bug-1298: Update the used SHA-import in the commmoduleFelix Dörre9 years
bug-1301bug 1301: Fix issue with missing default for the encodingBenny Baumann9 years
bug-1302bug-1302: double link removedMartin Gummi9 years
bug-1304bug-1304: Fix the remaining ) in WoT/RulesFelix Dörre9 years
bug-1308bug 1308: fixed formatingINOPIAE9 years
bug-1310bug 1310: I added the check to make sure that only active emails and domainsINOPIAE9 years
bug-1316bug 1316: refix the moved code (aargh, no scoping..)Felix Dörre8 years
bug-1317bug-1317: FIX: Added + to GPG mail-check regexesJanis Streib8 years
bug-1318bug 1318: Minor typoBenny Baumann9 years
bug-1339bug-1339: remove all traces of OTPFelix Dörre9 years
bug-1341bug 1341: Avoid a privacy issue leaking information if an account exists.Benny Baumann8 years
bug-1343bug 1343: Properly terminate the CommModule when rquestedWytze van der Raay8 years
bug-1345bug 1345: Fix accidential omissionBenny Baumann8 years
bug-1354bug-1354: fix the escaping function for gpg-key-commentsFelix Dörre8 years
bug-1355bug 1355: remove www/tverifyMartin Gummi8 years
bug-1357bug 1357: added description for users on stats.php pageINOPIAE8 years
bug-1360bug 1360: Minor whitespace cleanupBenny Baumann8 years
bug-1361bug 1361: removed dead code from includes/account_stuff.phpINOPIAE8 years
bug-1379bug 1379: Changed wording from (translatable) "Advertising" to "Funding" (wit...INOPIAE8 years
bug-1382bug 1382: use sanitizeHTML in account/25.phpFelix Dörre8 years
bug-1383bug 1383: fix another undeclared variable ($rc)Felix Dörre8 years
bug-1389bug 1389: Consistent indentationBenny Baumann8 years
bug-1392bug 1392: correct a variable mixup causing all SANs in CSRs to be rejectedBenny Baumann8 years
bug-1393bug 1393: adding much transcript for email 'fast-ping'Felix Dörre8 years
bug-1394bug 1394: applied text changes according to bug descriptionINOPIAE8 years
bug-1411bug 1411: replaced PayPal link in index/5.phpINOPIAE7 years
bug-1412bug 1412: by the way... secure the whois call betterFelix Dörre7 years
bug-1430Merge branch 'release' into bug-1430Bernhard Fröhlich4 years
bug-1459Wytzes emergency changeBernhard Fröhlich4 years
bug-1544Fix incorrect. Replaced AddDate with SubDate.bdmc7 months
bug-28bug 28: Yet another missed referenceBenny Baumann10 years
bug-372bug 372: `orgdomlink` has no `id` fieldMichael Tänzer9 years
bug-411bug 411: fixed typoINOPIAE10 years
bug-413bug 413: Port same change as for 5.php over to 12.phpBenny Baumann9 years
bug-440Merge branch 'release' into bug-440Michael Tänzer9 years
bug-448bug 448: Properly escape data that comes from the databaseBenny Baumann9 years
bug-512bug 512: Fix a problem causing blank result pagesBenny Baumann10 years
bug-540bug 540: implements CPS changes in the signerMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-550bug 550: added output for org server certifcatesINOPIAE9 years
bug-569bug 569: Fix wordingMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-596Changes by moh for other certificate typesBernhard Fröhlich12 years
bug-597bug 597: added some '' to the mail textINOPIAE9 years
bug-602bug 602: Doing it right(tm)Benny Baumann10 years
bug-612bug 612: Minor fixups in formatting and error outputBenny Baumann9 years
bug-637#637: Move a subset of password checks to a separate function and check itMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-649bug 649: Backport bugfix from testserverBenny Baumann8 years
bug-657bug 657: Whitespace formattingBenny Baumann9 years
bug-663bug 663: changed if statement and corrected typoINOPIAE10 years
bug-740bug 740: adjusted olINOPIAE10 years
bug-773bug 773: Whitespace at EOL and indentationBenny Baumann9 years
bug-775Merge branch 'bug-775' of ssh://git-dev.cacert/var/cache/git/cacert-devel int...Bernhard Fröhlich4 years
bug-782bug 782: changed order in if statementINOPIAE10 years
bug-789bug 789: Remove execution permissions from data filesMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-790bug-790: update the text for orgClientCertFelix Dörre9 years
bug-794fixed rebase conflictsBernhard Fröhlich11 years
bug-795Typos...Bernhard Fröhlich10 years
bug-807bug 807: escaping value from the database.Felix Dörre9 years
bug-823bug 823: Remove execution permission from non-script filesMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-824Removed changes not relevant for bug#824 (IMHO)Bernhard Fröhlich12 years
bug-827bug 827: Changes requested by Alexander BahloMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-837add patch based on to test systemMichael Tänzer13 years
bug-841bug 841: actually return the member id not the id of the certificateMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-846Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug-846' into bug-846Bernhard Froehlich12 years
bug-855Merge branch 'release' into bug-855Bernhard Fröhlich11 years
bug-859bug 859: Show the interval since when the account was last accessed insteadMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-860bug 860: Add changes requested in comment ~3277Michael Tänzer11 years
bug-875bug 875: changed the message to sprintfINOPIAE9 years
bug-876 - add NRPDisclaimerAndLicence.php to ...Markus Warg13 years
bug-881 Warg13 years
bug-882bug 882: port the date restriction to the support sectionMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-888bug 888: small change in includes/ years
bug-893bug 893: domaincerts has no column memid, it has to be referenced via domainsMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-894bug-894 removed check for "rules" checkbox (temporarily)dirk12 years
bug-896#896: Remove translation files from tarballsMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-897#897: Automatically redirect to the new page and replace original pageMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-900Bug 900: CAcert Site translationMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-901bug 901: unify client cert displayMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-910bug 910: correct checkin errorsMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-911bug 911: Fix the regex to parse the output from gpg, sigclass seems to beMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-913#913: Ignore file with the account data in gitMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-918bug 918: Adjust the minimum key length in the IE key generationMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-920Modifications proposed on Fröhlich12 years
bug-921bug 921: Reintroduce fixed link in CPSMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-922bug 922: Optimise SQL queriesMichael Tänzer10 years
bug-929bug 929: removed echo string that was used for debuggingINOPIAE9 years
bug-940bug 940: Remove execution permissions from data fileMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-942Fixed handling of expired column, see table Notary in Fröhlich12 years
bug-943bug 943: Replace "Org Admin" with "Org Assurer"Michael Tänzer12 years
bug-946#946: Link to list of old certs in the wikiMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-948bug-948 removed two more ' ' ... hopefully we now found all occurencesroot12 years
bug-953bug 953: Replace "Password" with "Pass Phrase"Michael Tänzer12 years
bug-954bug 954: second parameter to fgets() is optional and as we have noMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-955bug 955: Allow for the strings to be translated and make the sort orderMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-957bug 957: Remove executable permissions from data filesMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-958bug 958: Don't use absolute positioning as it will collide with the logoMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-959bug 959: Also handle negative pointsMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-963Fixed session cleanup, see remarks on Fröhlich12 years
bug-964Revert "bug 964: Reduce variable scope where possible"Benny Baumann10 years
bug-965bug 965: remove execution permissions from data filesMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-966bug 966: remove the initial "fix" because with the other fixes it breaksMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-967bug 967: Implement check for Assurer before adding as OrgAdminMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-968bug 968: Check if directories already exist before creating themMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-975bug 975: Many fixes to the fixMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-976bug 976: Typo and maskingMichael Tänzer12 years
bug-977bug 977:Changed layout if no result foundINOPIAE11 years
bug-978bug 978: fix typos/copy & paste errors that were also present in the #918Michael Tänzer12 years
bug-979bug 979: Drop meta tag setting charset. This is done via HTTP headers.Michael Tänzer9 years
bug-981bug 981: Commit changes from INOPIAEMichael Tänzer11 years
bug-985Merge branch 'release' into bug-985Michael Tänzer11 years
bug-988bug 988: fixed typoINOPIAE10 years
bug-999bug-999: fix quot in javascript blocksMartin Gummi10 years
integrationWorking combination of and serial.conf. Hopefully.root4 years
merge-bug-1177-893-1136-1123-1137bug 1137: Revert patch from Ted, because of inconsistencies. Also fix a typo ...Benny Baumann10 years
merge-bug-1177-893-1136-1123-1137-testserverMerge branch 'merge-bug-1177-893-1136-1123-1137' into merge-bug-1177-893-1136...Michael Tänzer10 years
releaseRevert "Alternative proposal by egal in Fröhlich24 months
signerMerge branch 'bug-1159' into signerMichael Tänzer10 years
test-1430Documented branch in feed.rssBernhard Fröhlich4 years
test-1442Integrated bugfix from commit 70819a8Bernhard Fröhlich14 months
test-1459Typo in rss...Bernhard Fröhlich4 years
test2-1260Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/bug-1305' into test2-1260Bernhard Fröhlich4 years
testserverMerge branch 'testserver-mods' into testserverMichael Tänzer10 years
testserver-1260Merge branch 'bug-1442' into testserver-1260Bernhard Fröhlich5 years
testserver-1440Local changes on the testserverroot5 years
testserver-modsTestserver pseudo-feed: remove extraneous newlinesMichael Tänzer10 years
testserver-signerMerge branch 'testserver-signer' of git:// i...root21 months
testserver-stableMerge branch 'bug-1430' into testserver-stableBernhard Fröhlich5 years
testserver-upgradeMerge branch 'bug-1260' into testserver-upgradeBenny Baumann9 years
2011-09-06cacert-devel-2011-09-06.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-09-06.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer12 years
2011-08-01cacert-devel-2011-08-01.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-08-01.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer12 years
2011-07-28cacert-devel-2011-07-28.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-07-28.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer12 years
2011-07-21cacert-devel-2011-07-21.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-07-21.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer12 years
2011-06-15cacert-devel-2011-06-15.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-06-15.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer12 years
2011-06-08cacert-devel-2011-06-08.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-06-08.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer12 years
2011-04-06cacert-devel-2011-04-06.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-04-06.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer12 years
2011-03-16cacert-devel-2011-03-16.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2011-03-16.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer12 years
2010-11-23cacert-devel-2010-11-23.tar.gz  cacert-devel-2010-11-23.tar.xz  Michael Tänzer13 years