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This commit moves the contact information for people to a separate page and adds some role descriptions. This allows to maintain contact information and other person related data in a single place. The glossary is now marked as sorted.
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`Linux Containers <>`_
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reboot. LVM provides snapshot functionality that is useful for backup and
upgrade procedures.
+ Infrastructure Team Lead
+ This person is appointed to coordinate the non-critical infrastructure
+ team by a board motion. The Infrastructure Team Lead works with
+ :term:`Infrastructure Administrators <Infrastructure Administrator>` and
+ the :term:`Critical System Administrators <Critical System
+ Administrator>`.
+ Infrastructure Administrator
+ Infrastructure Administrators have :program:`sudo` access to one or
+ multiple infrastructure systems. Most of them are :term:`Application
+ Administrators <Application Administrator>` too.
+ Critical System Administrator
+ The Critical System Administrators take care of the critical systems
+ required for the CA and RA operation, they have access to the Internet
+ firewall and DNS setup.
+ Application Administrator
+ An Application Administrator takes care of the functionality of one or
+ more server applications. Application Administrators do not necessarily
+ need system level access if the managed application has other means of
+ administration, for example a web based administration frontend.