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Describe LVM and finish arbitration system
This commit finishes the documentation of the arbitration system. The general systems section got index terms and a description how to avoid systemd-sysv in containers. A new section that describes critical configuration items has been added to the infra02 page.
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A container is an isolated system with a separate root file system and
operating system userland. The containers share a common operating system
+ Logical volume manager. The LVM allows to allocate space on block
+ devices more dynamically than with traditional partitions. The block
+ devices are managed as physical volumes (PVs) that are grouped in volume
+ groups (VGs). Space can be allocated as logical volumes (LVs) that can be
+ formatted using regular file system tools. LVs can be resized without
+ reboot. LVM provides snapshot functionality that is useful for backup and
+ upgrade procedures.