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Add directives for ssl certificates
This commit adds a new extension cacert with implementations of two new directives: sslcert to define a SSL certificate in place where it is used and sslcertlist to automatically generate an alphabetically sorted list of certificates. The certlist.rst has been modified to use the sslcertlist directive, while the systems/blog.rst and systems/board.rst have been modified to use the sslcert directives for defining the certificates. Note: The extension is far from ready and does not support some common cases (same certificates on multiple nodes, indexing, backlinks from certificates to certificate list).
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@@ -280,11 +280,14 @@ Critical Configuration items
Keys and X.509 certificates
-.. index::
- single: Certificate; Blog
+.. sslcert::
+ :certfile: /etc/ssl/public/
+ :keyfile: /etc/ssl/private/
+ :serial: 11e837
+ :expiration: Mar 31 16:34:28 2018 GMT
+ :sha1fp: 69:A5:5F:3E:1B:D8:2E:CB:B3:AB:0B:E9:81:A6:CF:31:DF:C8:A4:5F
+ :issuer: Class 1 Root CA
-* :file:`/etc/ssl/public/` server certificate
-* :file:`/etc/ssl/private/` server key
* :file:`/etc/ssl/certs/` directory containing Class 1
and Class 3 certificates (allowed CA certificates for client certificates)
and symlinks with hashed names as expected by OpenSSL