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Add some basic information for infra02 and networking
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Welcome to CAcert infrastructure's documentation!
+This documentation aims to describe the current status of CAcert's
+infrastructure systems. The goal is to provide a more practical way to publish
+the documentation.
.. toctree::
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+ network
+ infra02
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+The infrastructure host system Infra02 is a dedicated machine for the CAcert
+infrastructure. The machine has been sponsored by Thomas Krenn and has the
+following hardware parameters:
+:Mainboard: Supermicro X9SCL/X9SCM Version 1.11A
+:CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 V2 @ 3.40GHz
+:RAM: 16 GiB ECC
+:Disks: 2 x 1TB WDC WD1003FBYX-01Y7B1
+ * eth0 Intel Corporation 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection
+ * eth1 Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit Network Connection
+There is a 2 TB USB backup disk attached to the system
+Infra02 is the host system for all infrastructure containers. The containers
+are setup using the Linux kernel's LXC_ system.
+.. _LXC:
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+.. this page contains information from the IP address list at
+CAcert has a public Internet IP address range and some of the Internet IP
+addresses are mapped to the infrastructure systems.
+CAcert's infrastructure systems are using a private network range that is
+accessible from other CAcert systems.
+The infrastructure host :doc:`infra02` has a local bridge interface that is
+used to connect the containers on that machine and allows explicit routing as
+well as services that are purely internal and are not reachable from the
+Internet or Intranet machines in the IP range mentioned above.