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+ systems/arbitration
+ systems/emailout
+ systems/monitor
+.. todo:: consider whether a central MySQL service should be setup
+ Many containers contain their own instance of MySQL. It might be a better
+ idea to centralize the MySQL setups in a single container.
+.. todo:: consider whether a central PostgreSQL service should be setup
+.. todo::
+ setup a central syslog service and install syslog clients in each container
+* All containers should be monitored by :doc:`systems/monitor` and should
+ therefore have :program:`nagios-nrpe-server` installed
+* All containers should use :program:`etckeeper` to put their local setup into
+ version control. All local setup should use :file:`/etc` to make sure it is
+ handled by :program:`etckeeper`
+* All infrastructure systems must send their mail via :doc:`systems/emailout`
+* All infrastructure systems should have an alias to
+ reach their admins
+.. todo:: think about replacing nrpe with Icinga2 satellites
+.. todo:: document how to setup the system-admin alias on the email system