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See :doc:`../network`
+Remote Console
+This system can be managed through a remote console,
+which may especially be important during system upgrades and/or reboots.
+The hardware of the system is equipped with a BMC Controller which supports the
+Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IMPI).
+Due the security design of the CAcert intranet, the network interface of this BMC
+is not connected to the publicly reachable part of the CAcert intranet,
+but rather to the management part,
+and is thus only reachable by members of the critical system administrator team.
+So the following instructions only apply to them.
+The BMC interface can be reached from your local admin machine through the
+CAcert hopper by setting up the following SSH port forwarding:
+.. code:: bash
+and then browsing to the web UI:
+.. code:: bash
+ firefox${LOCALPORT}/
+To use the remote console facility, first install Oracle Java JRE 8.0_211
+on your admin machine. Then download the launch.jnlp script offered by the
+web UI and save it in $HOME. Then use this script "console" to execute it:
+.. code:: bash
+ #! /bin/bash
+ # console - run remote console for CAcert infra02 with Oracle Java environment
+ export JAVADIR=/opt/java/jre1.8.0_211/bin
+ export JAVA=${JAVADIR}/java
+ export JAVAWS=${JAVADIR}/javaws
+ LAUNCH=${HOME}/launch.jnlp
+ if [ -f ${LAUNCH} ]
+ then
+ echo "Do not forget to use setupcon if the console keyboard mapping is lame" 1>&2
+ sed -i -e 's/443/8082/' ${LAUNCH}
+ exec ${JAVAWS} ${LAUNCH}
+ else
+ echo $0: cannot read ${LAUNCH} 1>&2
+ fi